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Do you want to lose weight and are looking for some practical, easy to follow healthy weight loss tips? Don’t get puzzled with so much information available and never follow extreme weight loss tips as it leads to starvation, making you more cranky and disturbed. In order to achieve your weight loss targets one has to make permanent changes in their lifestyle and eating habits.

Follow these simple weight loss tips to achieve your weight loss targets:

  1. Check your weight regularly: Monitoring your weight regularly helps you to keep a check on your weight and if you are observing increase in your weight then immediately take necessary actions.


  1. Set achievable weight loss targets for you; weight loss should be gradual and don’t aim for very drastic weight loss and this weight loss have very high rebound tendency.


  1. Maintain a food dairy to keep a track on your calories intake.
  1. Never skip breakfast: Eating healthy breakfast helps in activating metabolic rate which in turn accelerate weight loss process. One should have healthy breakfast which should be rich in proteins, dietary fibers and nuts. Opt for healthy breakfast options like egg whites with multigrain toasted, steamed sprouts, Besan cheela, paneer and toast, boiled kalachana chat, oats with milk, oats upma, idlis, brown rice poha etc.


  1. Drink plenty of fluids everyday: Take good amount of water, green tea, buttermilk, coconut water.


  1. Start with some physical activity: Exercise will not only help you to lose weight but also prevents you from many diseases like diabetes/CVD/thyroid etc.


  1. Opt for whole foods like oats, bajra, jawar, barley, wheat bran,whole wheat pulses, dalia, almonds etc, among proteins opt lean meat like chicken or fish, take soya, tofu, paneer, pulses, sprouts etc.


  1. Opt for healthy and smarter snacking options; unknowingly we binge on many high calories foods like biscuits, namkeens, sweets etc which are rich in calories and avoiding these rich foods will automatically leads to calories reduction and weight loss. Pick healthy snacks options like roasted chana, roasted wheat , puffed rice, soya sticks, nut mixture etc.


  1. Control your portion sizes; there is no need to completely avoid the foods which you like but always eat them in moderation so that you don’t consume very high calories and always try to compensate in next meals by opting for foods like bowl of soup with steamed vegetables or salty oats or oats with milk or steamed sprouts with vegetables or bowl of cooked dal and salad etc.


  1. Remain positive and follow these modifications as weight loss is a gradual process and each body has its own metabolic rate so never compare your results with other individuals.

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