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Hand & Foot Treatment

May 16, 2024

While our daily regimen includes face, skin and hair care, often the feet and hands are neglected. The feet and hands are the most used parts of our body and these need regular and targeted care to keep them healthy and nourished. With age, the skin on hands and feet becomes dryer and less elastic, there is loss of subcutaneous fat tissue, fingernails and toenails do not grow as fast and they become thicker and tougher. Proper care of hands and feet can have long-lasting health benefits and at AAYNA, our experts provide foot corn treatments, wart removal, ingrown toenail treatments and cracked heel treatments that ensure you always put your best foot – and hand- forward.


Plantar Warts

This condition causes severe heel pain. It is caused due to the inflammation of a thick band of tissue at the bottom of the foot – the plantar fascia. Athletes, runners and people who stand for long periods of time are prone to this condition.


Corns & Calluses

Corns and calluses on feet are thickened areas of hard skin on the feet caused due to constant friction of increased physical activity involving the feet and tight footwear. They make walking painful and make the feet prone to fungal and bacterial infections. Diabetics and people with poor circulation show an increased tendency to this condition.


Ingrown Toe Nails

It is a common condition in which the corner or side of a nail grows into the soft flesh of the surrounding skin leading to redness, pain, swelling and sometimes infection.


Cracked Heels

They are a condition arising from excessively dry skin on the feet(xerosis) and made worse by callus formation around the edges of the heels. Though not serious, if left untreated, the fissures may bleed and make standing and walking painful.


Dead Skin Buildup

A skin condition that is caused by the thickening of the outer layer of the skin. The outer layer is made up of keratin and abnormal growth of keratin can cause dead skin build-up or Hyperkeratosis. This can be caused by certain medical conditions like psoriasis or can be a result of a genetic predisposition to hard skin. The condition can worsen by dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, obesity, and low humidity. Dead skin builds up over the soles of the feet can sometimes lead to reduced sensation over the area leading to trauma and can make walking uncomfortable or even painful.


Toe Nail Fungus

A fungal infection of the nail is called Onychomycosis and is a fairly common condition affecting the nails. It often is seen as a white or off-white spot on the nail and sometimes the discolouration can be black or even greenish. The nail becomes brittle, dull, or sometimes loosened from the nail bed. It takes a long time to heal even with medications. Toe nail fungus infections are commoner than finger nail fungus.

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