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Thermage – Skin Tightening Treatment

A skin tightening treatment that reduces the visible signs of ageing. It is a non-invasive radiofrequency therapy that smoothens and contours the skin for an overall younger-looking appearance.

Our therapy is designed to deliver maximum results in a short procedure, making it one of the finest skin tightening treatments in Delhi.

Thermage Treatment in delhi
Thermage for Face

Over 3000 procedures performed by the AAYNA team – highest in Asia

Thermage is a single session treatment with absolutely no downtime.


The radiofrequency waves of Thermage heat up the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the formation of new collagen or elastic fibers as well as remodel the old collagen leaving the skin looking naturally fresher, supple and more youthful.


Certain areas may be more sensitive than others but a local anaesthetic cream applied before the procedure or even an analgesic tablet completes the procedure with minimal discomfort.


The improvement is visible immediately and progresses to peak at 3-6 months post-treatment. The results last for 12 to 18 months.

Thermage for Eyes

Thermage eyes is a specialized treatment for hooding of the eyelids and treating under-eye bags, fine lines, and wrinkles.



It uses a separate tip and marking grid and involves the insertion of an eye shield. The use of radiofrequency for tightening the loose skin around the eye area was actually the first to get FDA approval.


can thermage be combined with other treatments?

Thermage can be safely and effectively combined with all lasers, chemical peels and other skin rejuvenation modalities to maximize improvements in all dimensions of the ageing spectrum. Thermage when combined with Fraxel Laser gives enhanced anti-ageing effects with drastic improvements in photo aged skin. Dermal Fillers and Botox, post-Thermage, results in more pronounced contouring.

Eye Thermage Treatment
Thermage treatment

Thermage CPT is US FDA approved & completely safe to treat all areas of skin laxity.

what is thermage cpt?

Thermage CPT (Comfort Pulse Technology) is third generation Thermage. This enhances the client comfort level compared to the previous Thermage. It has a vibrating tip which distracts from the heat sensation and also the heat distribution is more even and efficient. Thermage CPT coupled with the TOTAL TIP which doubles the heating effect while maintaining the same safety profile and increased comfort levels delivers excellent results.

Know More About Thermage treatment


Thermage is a safe US food and drugs administration-approved skin tightening treatment. Through this treatment, one can get an instant face-lift and neck-lift through the state-of-the-art RF technology. Ageing affects the way we feel and the way we look, but thanks to advanced skincare techniques like Thermage treatment, you can manage the ageing impact on the skin.


What is Thermage and how does it Work?

Thermage is an RF technology procedure that is completely safe and non-invasive. It is a clinically proven procedure that helps our clients to get back their youthful skin with a smooth and toned look in results. It reduces the sagging of skin and helps our clients to feel young and beautiful. Thermage skin tightening is done at a genuine cost available at AAYNA in Delhi and Ludhiana.

The RF (Radiofrequency) therapy works in the deep layers of the skin. It works according to individual needs and is a non-invasive facelift treatment for long-lasting results. Thermage is a clinically trusted treatment that helps clients to achieve sleek, smooth, and young skin while taking minimal recovery time.


What are the Benefits of Radio Frequency Thermage Treatment Near Me?

Not only does Thermage slows down the aging process it also improves the overall health and wellness of the skin. It gives firm, smooth, and younger-looking skin and helps maintain a youthful appearance. It effectively treats the upper and lower part of the eyelids, smoothens wrinkles, and remodels collagen, and sagginess of the skin. It tightens the skin around your neck and jawline and smoothens lines and wrinkles. The before and after in thermage assure desired results.


How many Thermal Sittings are Needed for Youthful skin?

You can see a long-lasting impact in just one sitting and get the youth of your skin back through a non-invasive, safe cosmetic procedure. We have the right solution to treat skin conditions according to individual needs. We are dedicated to providing the formula that suits you best. Book your appointment today and start your skincare wellness journey today. Thermage works wonder when used for eyes and on the face.


Get the Best Results with AAYNA’s Advanced Thermage Treatment

The experts at AAYNA clinic use clinically advanced methods to help our clients move towards a path of healthy and younger-looking skin. Gone are the days when cosmetic surgeries require days of recovery and may result in worsened skin. With the correct consultation and with the use of advanced technology in skincare, achieving smooth and youthful skin is possible in a safe way. Thermage treatment for eyes and face, and neck keep the upper layers of the skin cool and safe. After a few hours of redness, the skin gets back to normal with visible continuous results. Those aware of the clinical advancement are assured of the effectiveness of this treatment and choose to have a say in the wellness of their body through this solution. You can too start your wellness journey by booking your Thermage appointment with the AAYNA clinic today.

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