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Semi Permanent Make-Up

June 11, 2024

We would all love to wake up looking perfect, fresh and ready to take on the day as effortlessly as we can. AAYNA introduces micropigmentation, using a patented Nano-Blading Technology more popularly known as Semi-Permanent Make-Up.

An aesthetic specialty, Semi-Permanent Make-Up using the nano blading technique helps improve, correct and enhance your natural features. This procedure is medically proven and the pigments used are extremely safe.

This state-of-the-art technique helps deliver the pigment into the dermal layer in a natural manner with feather-touch strokes, thereby making the appearance look natural. The obsolete method of tattooing with permanent pigment, is now being replaced by this revolutionary treatment of semi-permanent make-up.

Cosmetic Micropigmentation

The eyes, eyebrows and lips help frame our faces and give character to it. Cosmetic tattooing with semi-permanent make-up helps correct, enhance and give a natural effect which can last for anywhere between 1-3 years. The results will make you fall in love with yourself even more.


Scanty Eyebrows

They help lift our eyes and contour the face giving us a more youthful expression. Fine applicators are used to make hair by hair strokes to enhance the eyebrows, making them look naturally well defined.

Beneficial for following cases:

• Eyebrows that are sparse due to age
• Excessive threading
• Eyebrows that are not shaped properly due to traumatic scars

These cases can really benefit as you wouldn’t have to draw them on a daily basis.



Eyeliners define your eyelashes and make them seem longer. Most people find it difficult to apply the eyeliner on a daily basis especially, people with poor eyesight & shaky hands.

The eyeliner can be applied as both an eyelash enhancer or as a slightly thicker line to define the eyes & yet leave them natural looking.


Lip Colour

Lip colour is a defining aesthetic feature. It is a wonderful treatment especially for people who have lost their lip borders or people who have very thin lips.

The treatment helps give definition to the lip borders, corrects the shape & asymmetry. The borders are softly defined & blended in with the body of the lip giving it a perfect finish.

Paramedical Micropigmentation

Medical micropigmentation is adopted in a variety of ways to correct and camouflage imperfections. It is used as skin camouflage in diseases like vitiligo, pigmentation and scars. Reconstruction of the areola, post mastectomies or breast reconstructive surgeries, can also be done. Scalp micropigmentation works well on clients with scanty hair to improve the appearance of hair thickness.



Stable Vitiligo & hypopigmented patches can be treated part by part. The first session involves counselling and colour testing to match the correct colour to your normal skin. A few sessions thereafter might be required depending on the size of the patch.


Scalp Micropigmentation

Balding is one of the biggest aesthetic concerns and the balding process is usually gradual and only so much can be done to treat it.

With Micropigmentation we can simulate hair follicles on the scalp, giving it a denser, fuller and appealing appearance. It is best used in conjuction with hair restoration treatments like PRP Therapy and post hair transplant.


Areola Reconstruction

This is a special Micropigmentation technique which helps recreate the areola and nipple in patients post mastectomies due to breast cancer or other reasons.

The procedure helps reconstruct the areola and nipple by using different techniques to give you a very natural appearance thus, helping you conceal your scars.

More about Semi Permanent Make-Up

About Nanoblading Semi-Permanent Makeup at AAYNA Delhi & Ludhiana

Nanoblading is a semi-permanent makeup German technique that uses nanoneedles to implant pigments into the skin. The needles are finer than the ones used in regular micro pigmentation, resulting in a more precise technique that mimics the look of natural eyebrow hair. With nanoblading, you can achieve a fuller and more defined brow shape, permanent eyeliner, and lip colour. This treatment gives you natural-looking and longer-lasting results than traditional makeup and is often considered a great way to achieve a more polished look. Nanoblading can also be combined with other services like fillers, Botox, or a non-invasive facelift for a youthful appearance.


How Does Nanoblading semi-Permanent Makeup Work at AAYNA Delhi & Ludhiana?

Nanoblading uses ultra-fine needles to implant pigment into the skin. It creates a natural-looking and long-lasting semi-permanent makeup look. It works similarly to traditional micropigmentation, but with more precise results. During the treatment, those needles will be used to apply the pigment to the shallow layers of the skin. The pigment is then allowed to settle and form the desired shape. Nanoblading can be used to define brows, create permanent eyeliner, and achieve the lip color of your choice. The results are similar to what you would achieve using traditional makeup, but they last much longer.


Benefits of Nanoblading Semi-Permanent Makeup at AAYNA Delhi & Ludhiana

  • Natural-looking results that last for years – It shapes your brows, fills colour on your lips, or gives you eyeliner that looks natural.
  • More precise application than other techniques – The needles are designed in a way to get a more precise application than traditional makeup or micr0blading technique.
  • Fuller and more defined brow shape – It corrects scanty or sparse eyebrows and gives the type of brow you must have always wished for.
  • Long-lasting eyeliner or lip colour – It will save your cost and time spent on eyeliner and lipstick as it gives you a semi-permanent eyeliner and lip shade that remains for a long time on a semi-permanent basis.
  • Combination of treatments such as fillers, Botox, or a non-invasive facelift – It is safe to combine with other aesthetic treatments at AAYNA for a stunning younger appearance.
  • Non-invasive treatment that requires no recovery time – nanoblading causes no discomfort as it is virtually painless and requires no downtime. You may experience mild redness after the treatment which will subside in a few hours.
  • Low maintenance and cost-effective.


Nanoblading Semi-Permanent Makeup Exclusively Available at AAYNA Clinic in Delhi & Ludhiana

AAYNA Clinics are one of India’s leading providers of aesthetic services along with nanoblading semi-permanent makeup exclusively in India. Located in Delhi and Ludhiana, the AAYNA clinic offers exclusive treatments that use the nanoblading technique, to give clients a beautiful and natural-looking look. Nanoblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that uses nanoneedles to implant pigments into the skin, resulting in a more precise look that imitates the look of natural strokes. The AAYNA Clinics offer a variety of services such as AAYNA Perfect Brows, AAYNA Lip Blush, and AAYNA Glam Eyeliner, to create a flawless finish that will last longer than traditional makeup. With AAYNA, you can achieve the perfect eyebrow shape, permanent eyeliner, and lip color. AAYNA provides a variety of options to help clients achieve the look they desire, with a range of colors and tones to choose from. Clients can also benefit from the ease and convenience of AAYNA, with treatments that take only 15-30 minutes and don’t require any downtime or maintenance. The AAYNA team of experts, doctors, and aestheticians is dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for all clients and providing top-notch customer service. With their expert care and advice, you can get the perfect results that will last.

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