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The secret to weight loss is to make permanent lifestyle change i.e. to eat healthy and do regular exercising. Many people try to lose weight on their own but often get confused leading to failure and frustration. Weight loss should be done under supervision of experts and one should enroll them in a weight loss program that provides complete support, information, customized diets and exercise guideline.


Now there are hundreds of weight loss clinics but only few provides quality services and should be considered seriously. It is very important to opt for ideal wt loss clinic and before you make your final decision, keep the following points in mind:

  • Weight loss clinics should have qualified Doctors/Experts: Weight management program should be taken under supervision of experts. Nutritionist should take your detailed nutritional and medical profiling and based on that should give you a customized dietary program.


  • Set realistic weight loss targets: Healthy and permanent weight loss involves losing 1 to 1.5kgs per week. Your nutritionist should calculate your BMI (body mass index) first and based on it should set weight loss target for you. Don’t fall for gimmicks of fast weight loss as it will impact your health and leads to various nutritional deficiencies.


  • Weight loss clinics should offer Customized Diet Program: Your diets should be based on your medical history, your food preferences and lifestyle.
  • Program should provide you specific weight loss regime based on your medical issues and lifestyle.
  • There should be proper follow ups and monitoring by your counselor.

Gather as much information as you can before deciding to join a weight loss clinic and ask the following questions:

  • What the entire weight loss program include?
  • Who will be planning your diets?
  • Who will set weight loss targets?
  • Does it offer regular counseling and monitoring?
  • Do I have to eat any special foods or drugs for weight loss?
  • Does the program encourage any physical activity and who will guide the exercise pattern?

Write down all of your concerns and addressed them all when you visit the clinics. Don’t hesitate and ask as many question as you want to, you must feel confident that the clinic you chose will be able to help you to reach your goals. Weight loss program is a lifestyle change; hence if you choose a good clinic and weight management program then you will be able to sustain this weight loss for long term.


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