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Natural aging process, ineffective protection against the UV rays, pollution, and stress can all lead to your skin losing its natural glow and firmness. Due to these external reasons and some internal causes, your skin starts to thin as the collagen mesh underneath begins to lose its elasticity, and skin’s elastin loses its bounce. Your skin cells stop absorbing moisture effectively. The ceramides that protect your epidermis become less efficient leaving your skin vulnerable to outside irritants. All these lead to faster skin aging.

As soon as you start noticing that your skin is losing its natural tautness, know that the fine lines will appear and your skin will start to sag. Expression lines will be deeper, and for many the face will seem to fall. As the skin falls the lines appear on various areas of your face starting with under eyes, around the eyes, around the mouth, forehead etc. Another aspect of this sagging is when your facial muscle starts to get loose. Unlike the rest of the body, your facial muscles are attached to the skin above and not to the bone below. So each time you contract the muscle to make an expression they drag the skin along and so the expression lines are formed. Sometimes your muscles also bulk up leading to change in facial shape.

The moment you start seeing these changes, you should visit your cosmetic dermatologist or an aesthetic physician.  Dr. Simal Soin helps you to get back youthful skin with Thermage. One of the best radio-frequency treatments that completely safe and non-invasive, Thermage helps make your skin look younger, tighter and rejuvenated.


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This treatment is a favourite among the most famous people around the world, and is known to improve skin’s laxity. The best part about the treatment is that it last about an hour and is a one-time procedure with absolutely no downtime. the radiofrequency waves heat up the skin and goes deeper into the skin’s layers, which activates the dead collagen cells or the elastic fibres. The activation of the collagen starts rebuilding new collagen and thus restores and rejuvenates the skin from within. The treatment uses heating and cooling method where the superficial skin in cooled while the heat reaches the deeper layers to stimulate collagen. What you get post the treatment is a tighter, more firm skin that not only lifted but has a smoother texture as well. The area treated looks toned up and contoured. Unlike surgical procedures, Thermage doesn’t not alter the way you look, but just makes your skin look like your younger self.

The best time to go for this treatment is during your 30s, when your skin shows signs of ageing, although people younger than that do also opt in for the treatment to maximize their collage production in a preventive way. This treatment is good for anyone who has fine lines, wrinkles, sagging of the neck, drooping of eyelids and jowls along with flatter cheeks. This procedure is also used to tighten, lift and firm the skin on your buttocks, legs, arms, dimpled skin, flabbiness around the abdomen and much more.

Dr. Simal Soin’s luxury medical clinic, AAYNA, promises to deliver maximum results in a short period. The clinic has till date performed more than 3000 Thermage procedures, a number that’s currently highest in Asia. And the best part is that you can easily combine Thermage with other treatments like lasers, chemical peels and skin procedures to help rejuvenate your skin.

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