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Summer Skin Problems are real and include everything ranging from dryness to heat rashes, and almost everyone faces it. Most people don’t know what to do regarding this issue. Indian summer is very harsh as the rising temperatures make you sit at home, offering your skin extra sweat and a greasy look.

Scorching heat comes with summer skin breakouts and many other summer skin-related issues. It is better to start in advance and get prepared for these skin issues. It is a good idea to learn all about some common summer skin issues and summer skin care with practical solutions.  If you’re seeking for beautiful, healthy skin, then a visit to the dermatologist at AAYNA , one of the reputed skin care clinics may be in order. 

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During the summer, we all spend most of our time outdoors, and the extended outside time can offer trouble to our skin as it comes with discolorations, acne, and breakouts. Theskin problems summer list is very long, and it is vital to take have a proper skincare routine in summer as if you ignore it, you will have dull and lifeless skin along with many summer skin diseases. It is best to take advice from an expert dermatologist if you have concerns bout your skin in summer.  AAYNA  is among the top clinics , our  expert team of doctors and aestheticians work for clients and help them manage their concerns and achieve skin that is naturally glowing and healthy inside and outside.

  1. Acne breakouts 

Summer Acne Breakouts are common skin issues due to the mixing of sweat with bacteria and oils on your skin, which can clog pores. You are more prone to this breakout if you already have acne-prone skin. Acne breakouts appear in various forms, some milder forms are comedonal acne like blackheads and whiteheads, and some severe conditions include inflammatory lesions, nodulocystic, and pustules variants. 

Solutions to Acne Breakouts 

You must apply the mixture of fuller earth and apple cider vinegar and create a smooth paste. Apply it to your skin and clean it with a warm damp cloth after 20 minutes. The mask is best to clear all impurities and exfoliates and helps the skin absorb oils, making it soft, clean, and smooth. 

Prevent your skin from an acne breakout

  • It is best to change your skincare and must use water-based and lighter lotions or oil-based creams. 
  • People with acne-prone skin must use sunscreen, which should be oil free.
  • Updating your makeup routine is the next big thing to do, and mineral makeup is best to follow as it helps to prevent breakouts. 
  • Staying hydrated is the solution to all skin problems in summer because summertime increases sweating; thus, drinking more water is mandatory. 

2. Dry, irritated skin

Sun is best at work in summer and takes away moisture from the skin’s surface, which is why most people experience dry and itchy skin in summer. Some of the most common dry skin causes are the sun, pools, water parks, and air conditioners. 

Solutions to dry and irritated skin

Try out honey as a face pack. Also, you can massage your face with almond or olive oil every weekend. The oldest petroleum jelly is also a great way to moisturize at night.

Ways to prevent dry and irritated skin

  • It is best to stay hydrated and get moisturized as soon as possible, as the sun has the drink effect, leading to many skin problems
  • Blot yourself dry and moisturize your skin when you get out of the shower. It will help you to lock in moisturizer to your skin. 
  • Avoid bathing in high temperatures
  • Avoid scrubbing skin aggressively 
  • Try to retain natural moisture by picking products that have natural oils. 

3. Folliculitis

It is an opening from which everybody’s hair grows, and the time this opening gets infected, you will experience Folliculitis. It looks like pimples but is more tender and itchy. It can occur anywhere in the body, especially in areas where hair growth is there, and is one of the common and most irritated skin issues in summer

Solutions to Treat Folliculitis

You can try boiling fresh neem leaves in water, and after it cools down, bathe with it twice a day. You can also try mixing one tablespoon of white vinegar with two tablespoons of water as well as applying it to the affected area, and you will get the results fast. 

Ways to prevent Folliculitis

  • Avoid shaving or tweezing the lesion until it heals, and also try to change bedding and towels more often.
  • Clean your cosmetic brushes, razors, and hair combs often.
  • Avoid soaking in hot water as it may initiate the follicles much more and slow recovery.

4. Melasma

It is a common summer skin disease and is caused by being out in the sun for more time. The condition makes brown to grey patches on the face specifically. You are more prone to melasma if you experience overexposure to the sun as the sun’s harmful UV rays, known as melanin, affect the pigmentation of the skin. Melanin is responsible for skin protection; when sun rays affect it, it will cause the area, too, leading to darker skin

Solutions to Melasma

You can treat melasma by applying aloevera gel to your skin, as it is the best way to moisturize dry skin in the summer. Try out turmeric as well, as it is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and offers many skin care benefits. Tomato paste is also best for treating sun exposure; you can mix a few drops of olive oil. Lemon juice can also help you with it by eliminating the layer of hyper-pigmented skin. 

Prevention of Melasma 

When you are outside in the sun, always apply sunscreen with an SPG greater than 30, although keep it handy to apply all day.

Try to wear sunglasses and protective clothing while under the sun.  

Searching for shades is also best for people with melasma, as it is best to avoid damage and avoid dark skin in the summer

5. Oily sticky skin

Oily, sticky skin is another common summer problem and the reason for summer acne breakouts. People with oily skin are at more risk of sticky skin issues as summer heat and UV rays make oily skin people more shiny. People try to use dry cleaners and alcohol-based toners to get an oil-free look. But it also causes skin dryness in summer to absorb more oil to compensate for the water loss. 

The solution to oily, sticky skin

Try lemon juice with a mix of water, as it will work wonders for your oily and sticky summer skin. Tomatoes are also best to treat the issue and offer you smooth and glowing skin. Gram Flour is also the best natural product to remove tanning and help you manage acne and oiliness. 

Prevention from oily and sticky skin in summer

  • It is best to choose the right cleanser during summer as it will help to remove dull layers of skin. 
  • Summer tips for skin include using a toner to avoid oily skin and to hydrate instantly and referred skin. 
  • Also, switch to gel-based sunscreens as it will help you avoid a sticky, greasy, and oil-free look. 
  • Wash your face twice daily and use foaming face wash to avoid dry skin in summer
  • Be regular with summer skin care and use products as per season. Winner and summer skin care products are different, and keep a check on that. 

6. Prickly heat

Also termed heat rash, it is a common type of skin problem during summer. The condition occurs when your sweat glands are blocked for a more extended period. The build-up creates a rash on the skin that appears as small bumps. The time these bumps burst, they are locked in sweat and give a feeling of prickly sensation. 

The solution to prickly heat 

Aloevera gel is among the best ways to get rid of heat rash in summer, as it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Applying fuller earth is also the best way, and you can notice that prickly heat will be gone permanently. One of the best techniques to prevent itchy skin in summer is to place ice cubes in a towel and gently apply it on the affected skin. The coolness of ice cubes will help to soothe the skin and address the irritation caused by heat rash. 

Prevention of Prickly Heat 

  • It is best to wear loose clothes in summer in which you can breathe properly. It will help to avoid prickly heat.
  • It is better to minimize your sweat as it will help you with heat rash. Avoid going out in extremely hot temperatures and doing activities that make you sweat more. 

7. Sun allergy – hives 

It is a summer skin disease due to the immune system’s reaction to sunlight. It occurs because of prolonged exposure to the sun, and the body activates the immune defense that leads to hives, blisters, and rashes. It is also commonly known as sun positioning or sun allergy. 

The solution to sun allergy 

Lay a cold compress on the area that is affected, as it will help you with itchy skin in summer and avoid a rash. Cucumbers are also best to add to your summer skincare routine as they help with many skin complaints and also help soothe rashes and the burning sensation. Aloe vera gel works wonders for skin allergies and eases pain. 

Prevention of sun allergy

  • To prevent sun allergy, avoid going out during peak sunlight hours. 
  • Try to use protective gear like wearing sunglasses, applying sunscreen, and using thick clothes and hats to protect your skin. 
  • Also, try to prevent triggers that you are well-known about, like medications and substances that make you more prone to them. 

8. Body odor 

Body odor is among the common SKIN summer issues due to excessive sweating. Generally, the body grows bacteria in folds owing to moisture. These bacteria produce hydrogen sulfide, which leads to body odor. 

The solution to body odor 

treat body odor by adding a few rock salt to a tub or bucket of lukewarm water and bath with it daily. apple cider vinegar is also useful owing to its inherently acidic characteristics that help to destroy toxic microbes. 

Prevention of Body Odor 

  • Try not to avoid regular baths. 
  • Use talcum powder or else anti-fungal powder for body folds. It will help you to manage summer skin disease
  • You can soak in cold water and wear clean undergarments.

9. Heat Boils

Heat boils, also known as furuncles, are common in summer issues. It is a myth that eating mangoes are the leading cause of heat, but these are caused by bacteria that live on moist and sweaty skin. 

The solution to heat boils

Heat is one of the excellent ways to treat boils and Applying a warm compress to the affected area will work wonders. Apply turmeric powder with a little water and apply it directly to the heat boils. Using apple cider vinegar helps to cleanse the boil as it will help to disinfect it. Applying potato juice can also be beneficial for heat boiling.

Prevention of heat boils

Practice good hygiene and pay attention to areas where boils are more prone.

10. Summer itch 

It is a type of rash that is itchy and appears after swimming in lakes, oceans, and other water bodies. Its leading cause is the parasites in the water that burrow into your skin and cause tiny red spots on the skin, which your swimsuit didn’t cover. 

The solution to swimmer itch 

Never scratch and cover affected areas with a clean and wet washcloth.

Try to soak in water having Epsom salts. 

Apply the prescribed medicated cream to soothe the itch as well as inflammation.

Prevention of swimmer itch 

  • Choose proper swimming spots to avoid the condition.
  • Apply waterproof sunscreen as it is the best way to avoid parasites.
  • Swim away from the seashore, as it is the area where most parasites are found. 


If you are dealing with any SUMMER skin issue, don’t hesitate to see the dermatologist for treatment. Remember not to avoid using sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. However, summer skin problems are usually not severe and go away in some days or else weeks.

If a rash or other skin problem worsens, you should book your appointment with a top dermatologist at AAYNA skin clinic as  employing  professional help will reduce the risks of adverse reactions because all aur treatments have been evaluated, tested, and proven effective by experts in the field before being offered to clients.

AAYNA – One of the best skin care clinics 

Aayna is among the top clinics in Delhi and Ludhiana. Dr. Soin is an experienced and well-known skin expert who specializes in treatments for acne, pigmentation, stretch marks, skin tightening, etc. If you want expert guidance from an experienced dermatologist, book your appointment with Aayna Clinic to resolve all your skin-related issues. If you want to achieve better looking skin without any kind of issues  then it’s worth it to go for an appointment with AAYNA skin care clinic. 


  • Why is summer terrible for the skin?

Summer is bad for the skin because it also brings excessive sweating with it. When sweat is mixed with bacteria, germs, dirt, and extra oil, that results in breakouts.

  • Is it normal to have dry skin in the summer?

Yes, it is normal to have dry skin in summer. Even if you have normal skin, because of excessive heat and sun exposure it tends to get dry. 

  • How to improve skin in summer? 

There are many ways, like washing your face at least twice daily and choosing the right skin care product for summer along with taking proper precautions when you see signs of damage. 

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