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The aspect of open pores on the skin is a concern millions of people face, not just in India but globally. Be it around the nose, on the forehead, or even around the cheeks, most individuals correlate open pores with being unattractive.

However, we need to understand that the onset and appearance of open pores could be due to multiple reasons. It could be due to genetics, excess oil production in the skin, or poor maintenance of one’s skin, also known as not having a skincare routine (even if it’s minimal).

This article will dispel the myths and clarify the causes of open pores on the face, and potential treatment options at AAYNA Clinic, so buckle up!

How are Open Pores Defined?

Before we take you through the list of causes and available treatment options for open pores, start with the basics.

What is a pore? Pores are the microscopic openings in the skin that allow sweat and oil to reach the surface. They play a crucial role in regulating the skin’s temperature and keeping it hydrated. They consist of two elements – a hair follicle and sebaceous glands responsible for sebum production.

What is an open pore? Under normal circumstances, pores should remain closed. However, open pores, also known as ‘enlarged skin pores,’ become more noticeable on the skin, manifesting as tiny dots on the skin.

Furthermore, open pores can be classified into three types:

O-shaped pores – If your open pores are more localized around the T-zone of your face, those are the O-shaped pores, mimicking a rounder shape. Having these makes the skin more prone to acne and oily skin.

U-shaped pores – If you struggle with dry and flaky skin and have open pores, chances are you most likely have U-shaped pores on the skin.

Y-shaped pores – With age, the skin’s collagen production reduces, affecting the shape and size of the pores due to reduced elasticity. This often results in the pores attaining a water-droplet shape, hence termed the Y-shaped pores.

What are the Causes behind Open Pores?

Understanding the basics of large pores on the face isn’t enough if you don’t know the biology behind this skin concern. So, let us clarify those first.

Here are some of the common causes of open pores in the skin:


Genetics plays a pivotal role in determining skin traits, including pore size. If your parents have larger pores, there’s a higher likelihood that you may inherit the same skin trait.


Aging is a natural process that affects the skin’s elasticity and collagen production. With reduced collagen production, the skin loses its firmness, leading to sagging and enlarged pores.

Excess Sebum Production

When coupled with dead skin cells, overactive sebaceous glands can produce excess oil, which can clog pores and make them appear larger.

Sun Damage

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays can break down the elastin and collagen in the skin, contributing to the loss of skin elasticity and the appearance of enlarged pores.

Poor Skincare Habits

Inadequate cleansing and improper skincare routines can accumulate dirt, oil, and dead skin cells, leading to the enlargement of pores over time.

Environmental Factors

Pollution and environmental pollutants can settle on the skin, causing oxidative stress and inflammation and contributing to enlarged pores.

Hormonal Changes

Fluctuations in hormonal levels, particularly during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, can influence sebum production, impacting pore size.

Identifying the root cause behind the enlarged and open pores is vital to tailor a treatment plan that works for the individual. This is one of the reasons why we prioritize an initial consultation with one of our dermatologists at AAYNA Clinic.

How can Open Pores be Treated?

Treating open pores isn’t as complicated as you think. To dispel the biggest myth, open and enlarged pores are, in fact, treatable. With proper diagnosis and customized treatment plans, it is possible to eliminate the textured appearance of the skin for a smoother and even skin tone.

AAYNA Clinic offers an extensive range of treatments that target and minimize the appearance of open pores on the skin. If you are tired of open pores on face and want to achieve flawless-looking skin, consider prioritizing the following treatment options:

AAYNA Miracle

This is a microneedling procedure that targets a variety of skin concerns, including open pores. With minimal downtime and guaranteed results, the procedure utilizes an elegant micro-channeling device and suction for the dermal infusion of hydrating, nourishing, and moisturizing serums into the skin.

The microneedling is paired with special microdermabrasion and LED light stimulation to boost collagen production and reduce skin inflammation, ultimately tightening the pores for a more rejuvenated appearance.

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Combining microneedling and radiofrequency is a revolutionary treatment that guarantees effective open pores treatment with maximum accuracy and satisfaction. This treatment aims to tighten the pores, thereby minimizing their appearance on the skin.

It is a minimally invasive procedure, making it suitable for all skin types. Also, the treatment’s multi-faceted benefits target open pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Chemical Peels

Chemical peels involve the application of acids to the skin, promoting exfoliation and removal of dead skin cells. This process can help unclog pores and improve skin texture.

If you struggle with clogged pores due to excess sebum production and want to minimize the appearance of large pores on face, chemical peels are, hands down, one of the most effective treatment options, if not the best.

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Derma Pen

In most cases, the appearance of enlarged pores on the skin is due to excessive acne and scarring. If that’s the case with you, Derma Pen treatment at AAYNA Clinic can be a game-changer. This fractional microneedling treatment reduces acne and acne scarring by stimulating collagen regeneration in the skin.

The best part about the treatment is the minimal downtime and the painless, safe procedure. It uses automated micro-needling therapy, vertically piercing the skin for targeted product infusion. The serum contains hyaluronic acid, 20% vitamin C, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP).

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Laser Genesis

Photo facials are one of the leading open pores on face treatment options at AAYNA Clinic. This non-invasive laser treatment is suitable for almost all skin types and provides immediate results right from the first session.

What’s great about this laser therapy is its targeted approach, where it focuses on damaged skin and exfoliates it naturally to bring out the inner glow, unclog the pores, and provide a more renewed appearance.

Note: Despite the myriad treatment options available at AAYNA, it’s essential to  understand that every individual’s skin is different, along with their treatment requirements. Identifying the causes of open pores on face is crucial to determining the ideal treatment option. This is why an initial consultation with our dermatologist at AAYNA is mandatory.

Besides the list of these targeted and exclusive treatments for open pores, a few other options for open pores on face include applying topical retinoids, topical niacinamide, using hyaluronic acid, ensuring sun protection, etc.

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Enlarged open pores can be a cosmetic concern for many individuals, impacting their confidence and overall skin health. While completely eradicating enlarged pores may be challenging, opting for preventive measures and targeted treatments can significantly improve their appearance.

At AAYNA Clinic, we are here to assist you every step of the way. From identifying the root cause behind the open pores to curating a tailored treatment plan that guarantees satisfactory results, our specialists are here to pave the way for healthier, smoother skin. Visit our website for more details or contact our team for appointments.


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