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Permanent tattoos have become very popular nowadays and a lot of people are opting to get them. However, after some time many people decide to remove them permanently due to fading, change in style, and many other reasons. When thinking about removing it, people prefer to find the best option for themselves.

The most common questions they have include tattoo removal cost, scarring risk, effectiveness, and time commitment. If you have decided to remove unwanted tattoos using laser treatments, then it is best to choose a reputed clinic to discuss the process and to understand which option is the best suitable for you. Choosing a clinic with experienced practitioners is vital as they understand the significance of customization and provide the best result. AAYNA clinic is among the reputed names and the perfect destination for safe laser tattoo removal procedures in Delhi & Ludhiana.

Tattoo removal is a process to remove permanent ink from your skin if you are not interested in keeping the tattoo. To do so your dermatologist will suggest laser treatment to remove the tattoo permanently. Laser tattoo removal treatment should be done under the guidance of an expert dermatologist specializing in tattoo removal. It is best to discuss all details about the procedure to get the desired results. Schedule a consultation with AAYNA’s qualified team to have your tattoo removed safely.

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Laser tattoo removal treatment procedure

Laser tattoo removal post-treatment care

What to expect during the healing process?

How can the AAYNA CLINIC help you to get rid of unwanted tattoos?



Laser tattoo removal treatment procedure

The laser tattoo removal technique is the best option to effectively diminish the appearance of unwanted tattoos with minimal side effects. The procedure is done by breaking the pigment colors with the help of a high-intensity light beam. Among most tattoos, the one that is of black color absorbs all laser wavelengths and makes it easy to treat. However, to remove other color tattoos, there is a need for selected lasers according to the pigment color. Firstly your trained professional will evaluate your tattoo and advise you about the process, the number of treatments you will need, and tattoo removal cost as well as the aftercare.

Some commonly done things during the process include:

  • A patient will be given a pair of protective eye shields.
  • The expert will test your skin’s reaction to the laser to know the effective energy for treatment.
  • The expert will pass the intense laser light through the upper skin layer which will be absorbed by tattoo pigment only.
  • When laser light is applied to the skin, it heats up and breaks the tattoo ink. In other words, the uppermost layers of ink are removed prior reaching to the deepest layers.

Laser tattoo removal post-treatment care

Having laser tattoo removal done by a professional is just one step in the journey. To ensure a safe and effective treatment, you need to take the necessary steps to keep your skin healthy post-laser tattoo removal treatment. Aftercare is essential to attain the best and desired results. At AAYNA, we want you to ensure you get the best results from the treatment. Following your session of tattoo removal, it is important to keep the following things in mind :

  • Use an over-the-counter prescribed antibiotic ointment 

It is necessary to keep your tattoo removal area dry and clean for at least three days.

Post-tattoo removal using prescribed ointment will help to reduce inflammation. Also, cover your tattoo with a bandage for about three days to protect your damaged and weak skin from infection. Following the three days, it is advised to remove the bandage and expose the skin to air, to dry out the areas exposed to the laser light for removal of the tattoo.

  • Not to worry about blisters. 

After Laser removal of a tattoo a blister can appear 8 hours after the treatment; do not worry, as it is part of the healing process and will heal by itself between four to six days.

Avoid picking scabs, crusts, and blisters.

Picking your skin will directly lead to scars, thus not allowing your skin to heal itself. Peeling of scars can result in infection, scarring, and also pigmented discoloration.

  • Wear a sunblock to protect your skin. 

Wearing sunblock to protect your skin for at least three months after each session is advised to prevent complications. Avoid applying makeup or scented lotions that irritate the healing area.

  • Shower after two hours 

It is strongly advised by the expert surgeon not to allow high-pulsating water to hit the treated area. It is recommended not to swim or soak in a bath or hot tub until the blisters are healed to avoid any infection.

  • If you experience any discomfort

Post-laser tattoo removal procedure, if you experience any discomfort, contact the clinic immediately to get proper advice from your doctor.

What to expect during the healing process?

A few hours after the treatment, your skin may peel and blister, which takes about three to fifteen days to disappear. These are some common and expected side effects after laser tattoo removal, as a person’s body will try to heal itself and shed the damaged outermost skin layer. Scarring is also a common concern after the procedure. However, the scarring instances are minimal and happen less in about two percent of cases. If there is any confusion or doubt, always seek medical advice before treating it at home. AAYNA CLINIC experts always help ensure our clients receive the best possible care.

How can the AAYNA CLINIC help you to get rid of unwanted tattoos?

Getting proper treatment and post-treatment care after laser tattoo removal is necessary. Thus finding a reputed dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon is best to have the most effective treatment with minimum side effects and excellent aftercare. AAYNA CLINIC is among the best and most effective options for seeking to remove unwanted tattoos. The clinic is renowned for providing experienced practitioners, advanced technologies, and a commitment to delivering the best possible outcomes. The tattoo removal treatment at AAYNA will ensure the treatment as per your skin type and tattoo ink and lead to desired results.


Post laser tattoo removal, your skin may take about five to eight weeks to recover and heal completely. How to take care of your skin after the treatment may increase or decrease the overall healing time. There are many factors, like aftercare plans and making your immune system strong, that will help you to return to your normal activities again. If you are ready to get your tattoo removed, come to AAYNA CLINIC, known for using world-class certified clinical and medical-grade equipment. Schedule your appointment to experience the comfort and confidence you will not get anywhere else.


1. What is the laser tattoo removal cost? 

Pricing is essential, and the tattoo removal cost varies from person to person, as well as from tattoo to tattoo. It is best to consult your expert surgeon to know all details about the treatment in advance.

2. What is the speed of removal of a tattoo? 

The speed of tattoo removal depends upon the patient and the tattoo. The speed depends upon the location of the tattoo, ink colors, amount of ink, etc. It also depends on many other factors, like the patient’s health.

3. Are there any side effects of tattoo removal? 

Patients can expect some side effects from the tattoo removal laser process. Some common side effects are redness, tenderness, swelling, blistering, scabs, hyperpigmentation, etc.

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