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Many people go with a piece of body art commonly known as a tattoo, which is an art of showing great things about what you feel or your passion. But it is not necessary that if you love to have a tattoo today, you will feel the same love in the coming years. There can be many more reasons why you may no longer want to continue with the tattoo that you have and want to go for laser tattoo removal. But is it possible to remove the tattoo permanently? The good news is that nowadays, it has become easy to access laser tattoo removal treatment that is both efficient and effective if done by expert practitioners with expertise. Choosing the best clinics for your tattoo removal is vital to avail all the benefits of this treatment, including minimal pain, less discomfort, fast healing time, and minimal scarring. To get all details about the treatment, you can schedule your appointment with AAYNA CLINIC, one of the best clinics in Delhi & Ludhiana, providing laser tattoo removal treatment and many other treatments to their patients.

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14 things no one will tell you bout laser tattoo removal

How can AAYNA CLINIC help to get rid of tattoos?



14 things no one will tell you about laser tattoo removal

Are you regretting a tattoo or have any reason to stop liking it after some time? Then to your relief laser tattoo removal has made this possible and is very effective in removing it. Book your appointment with AAYNA CLINIC, the best and most reputed clinic in Delhi, to get your tattoo removed permanently. Before you decide to go for the treatment, it is best to know all about laser tattoo removal tips and all things that no one else will tell you :

  1. You will need a specialist for the treatment

Many clinics claim they provide laser tattoo removal treatment, but it is challenging to choose the right one. Remember that the tattoo removal procedure is complicated, and you will need an expert to get it done right. You must choose the best and most reputed clinic where you can get your tattoo removed with care. Make sure to do a little research by asking and searching for referrals with your friends to get rid of the tattoo. AAYNA CLINIC has the best customer reviews and is among the top clinics with affordable laser tattoo removal costs. An inexperienced tattoo expert can misuse the laser, leading to burning and scarring; thus, get your skin examined by the best dermatologist and visit the reputed skin clinic, which has a team of qualified for tattoo removal along with accredited practitioners.

  1. The immune system is your best support.

It is one of the vital laser tattoo removal tips you must remember, as it will help you understand why ensuring you stay healthy and boost your immune system during this process will lead to more promising results. Those who want fast healing after removal must avoid being exposed to pathogens. However, it does not mean completely isolating yourself, just making sure you stay hygienic and try to stay away from unnecessary pathogen exposure. It is also required to consume healthier foods, especially ones that help boost the immune system, like ginger, garlic, yogurt, spinach, and naturally fermented foods.

  1. Not all tattoos will disappear.

A person needs to be realistic in terms of expectations when considering tattoo removal. Discuss with your expert and share your expectations with them. They will be able to give you the real picture because some tattoos fade only partially after a series of laser tattoo removal sessions. Black-inked tattoos generally remove completely, and red, yellow, and green inks remove partially. Also, some amateur tattoos can also take about two times the number of recommended sessions to go away. Also, older tattoos fade away more easily with laser treatments, like tattoos that are less than a year old and are black tattoos. It is because the body absorbs much of the tattoo pigment with time, making it easy to fade out.

  1. Body placement or location matters

The location of the tattoo matters in many terms, as fading is slower for tattoos that are located farther down the arm or leg. Tattoos located here take more laser treatment sessions and also have slow healing in between sessions. The location also affects the laser tattoo removal cost just like the size and location affect the price of the treatment. You may need several sessions that are spaced over the course of about 4 to 6 weeks. The duration depends upon the tattoo’s size, location, color, and age.

  1. Who did it also matters

If you have amateur tattoos, they can be removed easily compared to professional ones. Amateur tattoos have fewer ink deposits and thus need fewer treatments. Laser tattoo removal takes time when the ink is deep under the skin or if there is scarring. Professional tattoos have more ink in-depth than amateur tattoos, and professional ones also include colors that are difficult to remove.

  1. Different colors need different lasers. 

No single laser can help you remove all tattoo colors as different ink responds to different wavelengths; thus, other lasers are needed to remove different colors. Purple, yellow, turquoise, and fluorescent inks do not fade quickly. However, many newest technologies are used at AAYNA CLINIC that can remove even the most stubborn tattoo colors as it explodes the pigment without affecting the surrounding skin tissues.

  1. There can be a change in your skin.

When you are inked, it may scar or change the skin texture, which is hidden because of the ink. When the laser tattoo removal is done, it reveals those changes, and you may be left with changed skin. Many people get tattooed on the older one, and Exeter laser treatments are needed to get it removed. Still, it also does not guarantee the desired results because the portion contains large amounts of ink, that is, the ink of the older and the newer ones.

  1. The use of sunscreen is best.

Laser treatments may lighten or darken the skin pigment that is over or around the tattoo; sun exposure can also make it worse and cause blistering. It increases the time it takes to heal; thus, you should apply sunscreen. It will help to reduce the changes in your skin pigment. Also, be patient so your tan can fade before removing the tattoo. Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30, which can be higher than it, and contains zinc to block UV rays.

  1. If in case you are allergic 

One of the vital laser tattoo removal tips you should keep in mind is that if you experience an allergic reaction while getting inked, like intense itching and swelling, then discuss it with your skin expert before going for laser tattoo removal treatment. Skin experts at AAYNA CLINIC discuss all your concerns in advance before starting the laser treatment to offer you safe and effective treatment with minimal side effects. However, side effects after laser tattoo removal treatment are rare, but they still can happen, like infection at the location, incomplete pigment removal, scarring, etc.

  1. Redness and swelling are normal.

Post-treatment care after laser tattoo removal is important, and it is necessary to avoid side effects as well. Your skin expert will offer you a cold compress to soothe your skin instantly after the session is done, and they will be bandaged for about three days. The area should be cleaned gently with cold water, and then it should be pat dry. You may experience some swelling and redness, which is normal, and your doctor will prescribe=be an antibiotic ointment to treat the same,

  1. Avoid smoking

If you’re a regular smoker, this is one of the most important laser tattoo removal tips you should remember. The procedure shatters the ink particles in the skin and depends upon the circulation speed; smoking constricts the blood vessels and reduces the speed of natural filtration and is slowly done the removal ink procedure as well. Thus your doctor will advise you to avoid smoking during your entire treatment to get the desired and best results and speed up the healing process.

  1. It is a costly process.

Like other cosmetic procedures, laser tattoo removal cost is also high, but it depends on many factors. The cost varies from person to person and de[pemds upon many factors like the size and placement of the tattoo. The entire treatment cost will also depend upon the number of sessions required to remove the tattoo permanently. Spending on the best and most professional service is worth it to get rid of tattoos and enjoy clear skin. However, AAYNA CLINIC offers affordable treatment and high-quality services that will provide safe and effective outcomes.

  1. There might be some pain during the session.

However, skin experts offer a topical numbing cream before they start the tattoo removal procedure, but it may not be pain-free. It may hurt, and chances are it would not hurt as much as you experienced while getting inked. Laser tattoo removal pain can be compared to the pain of a bad sunburn. Also, laser pulses may feel like a rubber band snapping on the skin, but it is tolerable. Thus, there is no need to worry about it.

  1. Aftercare is crucial 

No matter how many sessions you have taken to remove tattoos, aftercare is one of the most vital laser tattoo removal tips. Experts at AAYNA do an excellent job of offering detailed instructions for how to take care of after the completion of the removal process, like moisturizing and avoiding sunlight. The exports also provide ointment and other products that can help with irritation after the treatment.

How can AAYNA CLINIC help to get rid of tattoos?

Laser tattoo removal in Delhi is becoming a highly sought-after treatment; people still need to be made aware of the vital details of the treatment; thus, make sure to get all know about the procedure. Laser tattoo removal is a non-invasive treatment and is a more precise and less invasive technique in comparison to other tattoo removal options. Thus, if you are ready to get the treatment done, laser removal at AAYNA is your best option. AAYNA CLINIC is among the top and reputed clinics in Delhi and Ludhiana, offering laser tattoo removal for those who want to get rid of it permanently and safely. The clinic has extensive experience in laser tattoo removal and a team of experts dedicated to providing the highest quality care. Choosing AAYNA for the treatment will give you surety about the experienced practitioners, advanced technology, and commitment to deliver the best possible outcomes.


However, laser tattoo removal is a safe, highly advanced, and effective procedure, but you must know the above-listed things in advance to make a well-informed decision. Book your appointment with reputed clinics like AAYNA CLINIC to get the process done by experts. Also, discuss your medical history before undergoing the tattoo removal treatment. Thus book your appointment today at AAYNA for a premier laser tattoo removal service. The staff here is highly trained, experienced, and certified in administering laser technology. The main goal of the experienced team is to make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.


1. How to get prepared for a laser tattoo removal procedure? 

It is best to avoid sunlight and all sorts of tanning from a few weeks before of when you have scheduled your treatment. It is also advisable that you also avoid waxing, shaving, and exfoliating the portion on which the treatment has to be done.

2. Is laser tattoo removal safe?

Laser tattoo removal is a safe procedure when done by an expert, licensed, and certified laser technician. You must discuss all your queries before finalizing your laser treatment.

3. Can I get my laser tattoo removal done during pregnancy?

Avoid undergoing laser tattoo removal treatment during your pregnancy, as it can affect the unborn fetus. It is best to wait until you have given birth and finish breastfeeding.

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