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Healthy hair with Rene Furterer hair spa

By September 27, 2016March 9th, 2022No Comments

You’ve always walked into a spa to soothe your skin and body. You’ve loved the experience. You don’t mind some more of that TLC. Only this time it would be to care for your hair. We are talking about a hair spa treatment.

But, why a spa for your hair since it is nothing but dead protein cells? To ensure that the condition of your hair cuticles – the tiny overlapping scales that cover the hair shaft – is in top shape. The flatter the cuticles lay on each other, the shinier your hair looks, and the softer your hair feels. That is what hair spa aims to do for you. Literally, hair spa treatment means a water-based therapy to add moisture to your skin, thus a hair spa does just that. It restores and revives the moisture balance of the hair.

Today, due to lifestyle and hairstyling choices hair goes through a lot of stress that translates into dryness, brittleness, hair loss, excessively oily, or dry and itchy scalp. However, not many of us really have the time to take good care of our hair, so hair spas are good options to revive dull, lifeless hair. During a hair spa treatment, your hair and scalp get intensive treatments along with a relaxing massage to revive some of the lost glory of your hair.


One such innovative hair spa treatment is from the French expert hair care treatment system Rene Furterer. This hair care system works on the belief that if you treat the scalp, the hair will naturally grow healthy. Unlike in a traditional hair spa, in the Rene Furterer system, the scalp is tested and treated along with your strands.

The products used in this hair and scalp treatment are all based on pure plant extracts and essential oils. This hair spa system treats 8 different types of hair and scalp problems including oily scalp, moisturizing, nourishing, hereditary hair loss, incidental hair loss, anti-dandruff, soothing irritable scalp, and color-treated hair.

When you opt for a Rene Furterer hair and scalp therapy the treatment is customized using different sets of products depending on the specific need of your hair and scalp. So,  you may have oily scalp and dry hair; flaky scalp and greasy strands; or experiencing hair loss, and every scalp and hair type needs a different way of treatment.

During a Rene Furterer hair spa session, the hair therapist starts the therapy with a consultation and assessment of your hair and scalp. The therapy begins with a long scalp and hair analysis.

Using the Capilliscope that shows the health of scalp and hair. Based on the diagnosis, the therapist decides on the products and treatments. The diagnosis is followed by a scalp massage with a root, and follicle-stimulating and soothing product aimed to restore scalp health. This is followed by a hair wash with the appropriate hair product. Then your strands are treated to intense conditioning masque that hydrates your hair and seals the cuticles to give you a smooth finish.


After rinsing the hair and scalp is towel dried, and often using the hairdryer is avoided to allow your hair to revive naturally, finally, a root strengthening serum is massaged on the scalp and smoothed over your strands to leave you with a shiny healthy head of hair.

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