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If you woke up with dark colors around your eyes, that means dark circles have caught you as t comes with violet or brownish color. Dark circles can be noticed even in childhood as the leading cause is the most common genetics. But many more reasons also contribute to forming these circles, which are like nightmares for many.

However, there are ways to remove dark eye circles naturally. Also, many best dark circle treatments are available at the best skin clinics. Also, you must invest in balanced, varied, and natural eating habits accompanied by dietary supplements prescribed by the best dermatologists to prevent dark circle formation and accelerated aging. 

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Dark circles can be frustrating cosmetic concerns for many as these under-eye dark color bags make you look tired, aged, and sick even if you are fine and healthy. Numerous reasons cause them, like genetics, lifestyle habits, and medical conditions. While many dark circles treatments help to reduce their appearance. However, dark circles are often not a serious concern, but they can be a reason for self-consciousness for many, and it is best for them to understand the root cause of dark circles and to address them accordingly.

You must discuss the issue with the best dermatologist as it will help you to get a brighter, more refreshed appearance and will help you to be more confident in your skin. Book your appointment at AAYNA Clinic, one of the best skin care clinics in Delhi and Ludhiana, with expert dermatologists that use special treatments to ensure your eyes look brighter and radiant and your skin flawless. 

Causes of dark circles 

Under-eye skin is the thinnest and most delicate area, has no oil glands, and is more prone to dark circles. If you are concerned about what causes dark circles, you will get all the answers to your queries here. Dark circles are formed due to various causes, including ageing, mental or physical stress, heredity, hormonal changes, lack of sleep, and nutritional deficiency. Also, the cause of dark circles is sun exposure, which prompts your body to produce more melanin, giving your skin its colour. Best dermatologists also approve of the fact that dehydration, as well as anaemia, can negatively impact your under-eye skin and cause dark circles. However, dark circles are not dangerous but can indicate other medical conditions. The cause of dark circles can vary and may be outside of your control, but you can take many steps to get rid of dark circles. Let us discuss various root causes of dark eye circles : 

  • Lack of sleep

It is one of the basic causes of under-eye dark circles as at the time of sleep, your body repairs itself, and at this sleep phase, the blood circulation focuses on the tissues and cells to give your face a more rejuvenated and fresh look. Lack of sleep increases the stress on the body’s systems and produces steroidal compounds. 

  • Poor Circulation 

Poor circulation is the cause of dark circles, and the darkness you see under your eyes is the blood that is low in oxygen circulating in that area. Blood with oxygen is always red in colour. Arteries carry oxygen-rich blood located further in the body, and capillaries carrying blood lacking oxygen are closer to the skin’s surface. When hemoglobin is decomposed, it will have a dark blue-black colour, leading to discoloration of the thin skin in that area.

  • Genetics 

It is the most common cause of dark under-eye circles; if your parents have them, then there are chances that you will experience them. People with a more melanin-rich genetic group may also have more chances of developing dark circles. 

  • Iron deficiency 

It is another factor that causes dark circles. Even if you have a proper healthy diet, you may develop it. Not consuming an appropriate nutrient-rich diet makes you more prone to develop dark circles, and for dark eye circle removal, you have to take care of it. 

  • Medications

Certain medications can also cause dark circles, as some drugs dilate blood vessels under your eye. Also, hormonal changes like menopause or PMS increase fluid retention and can cause dark circles under the eyes. 

  • Alcohol Consumption 

Alcohol is not good for your skin helps and worsens various skin issues, including dark circles. It increases the workload on the liver and decreases blood oxygenation. Alcohol is the primary reason blood vessels open further and cause swollen, puffy appearance under the eye. It also increases the visibility of bluish colour in the under-eye skin area. 

9 Tips for Dark Circle Removal 

  1. Cold compress
  2. Stay hydrated 
  3. Grated potatoes or cucumbers 
  4. Head elevation 
  5. Aloe vera
  6. Almond oil and lemon juice 
  7. Rosewater
  8. Yoga and meditation
  9. Vitamin E 

Cold Compress

Cold compress is the best way to freeze your under-eye worries as the cold compress is the best eye care remedy for puffy eyes and an excellent dark circle treatment. If you are wondering how to remove dark circles permanently, then it is the best choice. The cold compress relaxes nerves in the face and around the eyes. Regular compressing helps the face, skin, and eyes look fresh and relaxed. 

Stay hydrated 

There is no life without water, and also, there is no clear skin without water. Staying hydrated and drinking a lot of water is the key to getting rid of dark circles. It also helps to reduce eye puffiness and redness. Also, staying hydrated helps you with overall health for both men and women. 

Try out grated potatoes or cucumbers

It is one of the most effective dark circle removal remedies, and it also aids in reducing puffiness around the eyes. These coloured veggies are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants and are also inflammatory. It helps to reduce inflammation around the eyes and also helps to stave off darkening. You can grate raw potato or cucumber and place its pieces on your eyes. After that, you have to relax for 10 minutes and remove them. You can also take a cotton ball, soak in their juice, and place it on your eyes. 

Head elevation

Sleep is the most effective and best dark circles treatment. Also, how you sleep affects the surrounding areas of your eyes. You can place a few pillows under the head to raise it and prevent your fluid from pooling under the eyes. Make and follow a regular sleep schedule as it will not only improve your youthfulness but also help you to stay fit and healthy and is the biggest weapon against preventing dark circles. 

Aloe vera 

It is another effective way to remove dark circles as it helps to moisturise your under-eye skin. Moisturised skin is always less prone to sag and stays healthy longer. Applying aloe vera also helps nourish the skin and prevent premature ageing. You can gently apply aloe vera gel under your eyes and massage for at least 7 to 8 minutes, and do not rinse till you feel sticky. 

Almond Oil and lemon juice 

It is another tried and tested remedy if you are concerned about dark circles and how to remove them. If you want to treat dark circles naturally, then mix almond oil and lemon juice and see the wonders this mixture does to your skin. Lemon juice is overfilled with ascorbic acid and many other vital nutrients that help reduce water retention which is the key reason for puffiness around the eyes. It is also a natural bleaching agent. 


Rosewater is one of the oldest secrets for great skin and tired eyes. It is the best way to remove dark circles and helps to refresh and rejuvenate them significantly. The best part is that rosewater does wonders for all skin types and manages all skin-related issues. You have to soak cotton eye pads in rose water and place them over the eyelids for at latest 15 minutes. You must repeat this every night for months to get the best results. 

Yoga and Meditation

One of the causes of dark circles is stress, depression, and erratic lifestyle. Yoga and meditation is the best way to deal with dark circles naturally and can help permanently remove dark eye circles. Stress is a part of life. You should know how to manage it well; yoga and meditation are the best you can do every day.

Vitamin E 

Vitamin E Dark Circle remedy is among the best ways to manage it as it is known for its anti-ageing and skin moisturising benefits. Many studies reflect the benefits of vitamin E capsules or oil that give good results in managing dark circles. You can use vitamin E oil, creams, or capsules to benefit from it. It is also known to boost blood circulation, which ultimately helps prevent wrinkles and manage dark circles. 

Other Natural Remedies 

Many other natural remedies can help to remove dark eye circles. Let us discuss the great alternatives : 

  • Consume orange juice as it is rich in vitamins A and C and offers healthy skin. You can also apply orange juice with glycerine under your eyes. 
  • Vitamin E oil is best for dark circles removal as it fights the damage and reduces the acuteness of dark circles.
  • Coconut oil is also the best dark eye circle removal remedy for sensitive skin. It also helps in reducing inflammation and a baggy look under the eyes.
  • Avoiding dark chocolate can also help you as it contains flavonoids that help prevent sun damage.
  •  High salt and less water intake are also unsuitable for under-eye skin and overall health. Thus, it is better to keep a check on both. 


Many natural and non-invasive methods are one of the best dark circle removal treatments. The best skin clinics in Delhi, like AAYNA Clinic, offer these treatments and are low-risk, low-cost, and harmless to your skin. It is best to keep a check on your lifestyle and discuss your skin issues with the best dermatologist to know how to remove dark circles and their root causes. Addressing these causes benefits you more than just good-looking and refreshed eyes. Book your appointment with Aanya skin clinic to get help from expert dermatologists who use special treatments to ensure your eyes look bright and healthy. 

Why choose AAYNA for dark circle treatment?

AAYNA is a well-known name among Delhi and Ludhiana’s best skin care clinics. It has one of the expert teams of experienced Dermatologists and offers excellent skin treatments, Love facials, Good ambience, friendly service, and impeccable decor. If you are worried about skin-related issues like dark eye circles, you can book your appointment with our best dermatologist, who will help you. You can discuss your various concerns with them and give expert advice and the best treatment to resolve them. The clinic is known for its under-eye dark circle treatment and offers many eye care treatments like AAYNA Miracle, AAYNA Wonder Eye, chemical peels, Exilis Elite and Fraxel. The clinic also provides other eye and skin-related treatments with long-lasting results, making the skin feel younger, fresher, and healthier. 

Frequently Asked Question’s

  1. How much time does it take to get rid of dark circles? 

It takes time to remove dark circles, and the nature of dark circles will determine how much time it will take. If the cause is sleep, the problem will be solved in some days. 

  1. How vitamin E helps to get rid of dark circles?

Vitamin E helps correct discolouration caused by dark circles and reduces fine lines’ appearance. 

  1. Does much screen time also cause dark circles? 

Screen time is also one of the major causes of dark circles, the same as headache, blurred vision, etc. strain that you put on your eyes through scream use will cause the dark circles and eye puffiness. 

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