By employing the latest technology, we deliver painless, comfortable, and effective laser hair reduction in Delhi and Ludhiana. Over the past 8 years, the dermatologists at AAYNA have treated more than 15,000 patients for permanent hair removal.

Everyone’s worst fear about laser hair reduction being painful is now a thing of the past. At AAYNA we offer the world’s two finest and safest technologies Nd YAG and Diode in motion for laser hair reduction. It is painless, comfortable and effective.

Laser hair removal in delhi

The hair follicles are targeted in the growth phase of the cycle which means that the sessions need to be repeated at 4-8 weekly intervals for up to 8 sessions.

At AAYNA we have a very satisfied clientele because the doctors evaluate the hair growth before every treatment, decide whether the treatment is needed at all, rule out any hormonal issues, treat them alongside the laser treatment and supervise each treatment session. Each of the laser therapists have over 10 years of experience of working with lasers.

Laser hair reduction

At AAYNA we offer the Worlds’ two finest and safest technologies

Nd: YAG Cutera cool glide and Alma’s soprano diode in motion for laser hair reduction.
Undesired hair can be removed from all parts of the body for both men and women.

Aayna offers the ultimate upgrade in laser hair reduction world-wide by launching the SOPRANO ICE- the coolest way to permanently and painlessly reduce unwanted hair from any part of the body.
The Soprano ICE utilizes the global gold standard wavelength in hair removal- the 810 nm Diode which has a high affinity for targeting the hair follicle thus increasing the effectiveness of the end result.

A large spot size applicator makes the treatments fast and the combination of different wavelengths (ALEX hand piece) makes the device equally suitable to treat the widest range of skin and hair types with utmost safety.
Clinically superior end points are seen with a long term hair reduction of up to 90%. The SOPRANO ICE practically ticks all the check boxes right when it comes to the wish list of a person looking for laser hair reduction today.

Laser hair removal treatment
Laser treatment

Commonly Treated Areas

Face, arms, underarms, abdomen, back, chest, bikini, legs, and beard shaping can be done. There is no downtime post the laser, the skin tone improves too and replaces procedures like waxing, bleaching and threading, relieving you from all inconveniences.