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Be it upper lips or be it the excess unwanted hair on the chin, unwanted facial hair causes distress to many. Many of us look for various methods to remove the unwanted hair on our faces and visit the neighborhood salons every few weeks.

Removing facial hair is a choice but the pain that comes with waxing, tweezing, threading, and plucking is not often a choice. We shave the excess hair hoping for it to not come back but they inevitably prickle out in no time. You can be of any gender and sex, and your facial hair that stubbornly pops out a few weeks after being painfully removed can cause you embarrassment and discomfort.

Read on to know more about facial hair removal and why, among the numerous facial hair removal options, laser face hair removal is considered the best by doctors!

First, let us know


What Causes Excessive Hair on Face

Even though body hair and facial hair are common, and everyone has them, there may be other reasons for excessive facial hair and body hair. It may be inherited or may occur due to the kind of skin type one has.

Unwanted facial hair, quite often in women, signifies a hormonal imbalance too.  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS affects hormones and hair growth on the face and body. When testosterone level increases higher than normal in PCOS or other hormonal problems, hair on the face, chest, and abdomen may start to occur in excess.

Excessive facial hair, even though harmless, may cause anxiety, distress, and even gender dysphoria in trans people.

It may be a lifestyle choice or a decision to avoid getting anxious or depressed, permanent hair removal is a good option for facial hair.

There are many options for facial hair removal, let’s have a look at the

6 Effective and Easy Methods to Remove Facial Hair

1. Shave it Away!

Shaving, both in men and women, is one of the most popular methods of hair removal. It is a less costly way to remove hair on the face as well as on the body and it can be easily done at home. It is important to not use a razor used by someone else or a razor used in intimate areas on the face as it may cause a bacterial infection. This method, however, the easiest, does not give long-lasting results and the hair will grow back in just a few days. Shaving may also result in cuts and bleeding if done by an amateur.

2. Waxing – Yay or Nay?

Waxing is another extremely popular method of facial and body hair removal. Using hot or cold wax, hair from the target area is effectively removed using strips. It results in hairless skin for about a month and therefore, regular visits to the salon are needed for those opting for this method. Waxing is not only a painful hair removal process, but it also damages the skin, making it lose elasticity and adding years to the face. Over the year, regular waxing leads to sagging skin and may cause irritation and bumps on sensitive skin.

3. Threading – Beauty with Pain

Threading is an economical way of facial hair removal. Threading is a skill that is best done by a professional as it is done by pulling out the excess hair from the follicle using a thread. The hair is entirely pulled and not cut from the edge and hence, it may give longer results. Threading is a painful method that may result in irritated bumps on sensitive skin.

4. Tweezing – Smooth Skin One Tweeze at a Time

Tweezing is one of the most inexpensive ways to get rid of facial hair. It is done by simple tweezers which pull out the hair from the follicle similar to threading. It is a time-consuming and rather painful method of hair removal as it pulls out one hair at a time. It may cause folliculitis due to inflammation.

5. The Science of Face Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is rapidly becoming a favorite for body and facial hair removal. Excess hair on the chin, upper lips, sideburns, or anywhere else on the body is safely reduced using laser beam light.


Painless Laser Hair Removal is Considered the Best Method for Facial Hair Removal

Amongst all the methods to remove the unwanted facial hair mentioned above, dermatologists approve laser hair reduction treatment as the best way to get rid of facial hair and body hair.  Laser hair removal is an FDA-approved technology that effectively and painlessly reduces hair growth in the target area. Using the advanced and revolutionary technology of laser beam, the hair follicle is damaged to hinder hair growth in the long run, resulting in smooth and hairless skin for more than a year! Full face laser hair removal is a safe permanent hair reduction method with no side effects or discomfort. If done by a trained professional, you will not feel any pain during the procedure. Specified areas on the face like upper lips, chin hair, eyebrows, sideburns, and ears are effectively treated by trained aestheticians to permanently remove facial hair in face laser hair removal. Find the leading laser hair reduction treatments in Delhi and Ludhiana to permanently remove hair on the face and body.


At AAYNA, we have been performing safe and effective laser hair removal in Delhi and Ludhiana for both face hair and body hair. Under the supervision of top dermatologists, laser hair removal treatment is done by our professional therapists while post-care tips are shared by the doctors for great results. In just a few sessions, feel the wonders of science to get amazing smooth and hairless skin.

Book your consultation now with AAYNA dermatologists in Delhi and Ludhiana for laser hair removal advice.


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