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Rene Furterer, a French hair stylist is credited with creating possibly the first hair spa ritual using natural plant extracts. More than 50 years later, the sound concept that beautiful hair can only grow from a healthy scalp, Rene Furterer hair treatments continue to work their magic on all types of tresses. The treatments are customized each time and the combination of natural ingredients in the form of pure essential oils and other plant extracts with expert pharmaceutical knowledge and innovation effectively treats all hair and scalp disorders like hair fall (acute or chronic), damaged and lifeless hair due to chemical or environmental effects, irritated and inflamed scalp conditions as well as dry, flaky or sticky dandruff.


Root deep is a pioneering advanced therapy for hair loss based on the treatment of the actual cause of the concern. Formulated by a research scientist following extensive studies, the treatment consists of using nourishing oils, phyto nutrients and plant amino acids resembling the hair protein –keratin. The treatment addresses all the major causes of hair loss from roots to the tip, revitalizing the scalp, improving follicular growth, eliminating dandruff and the effects of chemical treatments. The products are totally free of any chemical whatsoever and come labelled with a specific nature score validating the use of high quality natural ingredients.

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This treatment may be prescribed stand alone in the early stages of hair loss or may be combined with other hair restoration modalities for an aggressive approach in cases of long standing hair fall problem.