Hair loss is a serious problem and should be treated at the right time to avoid baldness. Hair loss is more prevalent in men rather than women. The hair loss does not affect our physical appearance but it has an effect on our confidence level also. The hair loss can occur due to hereditary or hormonal changes. Severe medical conditions and exposure to medications can also result in hair loss. Most people often tend to avoid hair loss by just hiding it or not treating them. This is the most vulnerable thing they undertake by not opting for the best hair loss treatment. But few people take this issue seriously and look out for the best possible hair loss treatment. There are many experts and specialist providing exception Hair Treatment In Delhi

Some of the common Reasons causing hair loss in men are given below:

Hereditary: The hair loss can be because of genetic factors and hormones. You are more prone to hair loss and baldness if any of our family members or relatives have it.

Medical issues: Temporary Hair loss can be due to anaemia, Thyroid problem or a diet with low protein intake. Medicines that are prescribed for cancer, arthritis, depression, high blood pressure, a heart problem can also cause hair loss.

Stress and infections: Hair loss can also occur due to excessive stress or shock. The infections such as Ringworm can also result in considerable hair loss.

Immune System: The hair loss is also related to our immune system. It is noticed that people with a low immune system are more prone to baldness and hair loss. The genetic condition such as Alopecia Areata can also lead to hair loss.

Hair Loss Treatment

Some of the common symptoms of Hair Loss is given below:

Thinning of hair: In men, the hair starts receding from the forehead and may begin to resemble the letter M. IT is one of the most common symptoms of Hair Loss Women.

Patch or Circular Bald Spots: The coin-sized bald spots can be seen. This spots are smooth and affect the scalp. The skin is sometimes itching before the hair falls out.

Loosening of Hair: The stress and emotional misbalance can cause to loosen your hair. You may even experience a handful of hair coming out while combing or washing your hair. This causes overall hair loss and can considerably lower the volume of your hair.

Scaling patches: This is a sign of ringworm and should be treated at the earliest. It may also cause redness, swelling, Broken hair and oozing.

Thinning of hair

It is very important to ensure the scalp is healthy as it directly has an impact on your hair stands. It is very essential to restore the damage locks to get the best possible result. It is important to consult a professional for the best hair loss treatment in Mumbai. However, considerable research should be done before starting the treatment at any clinic. The prior consultation with your doctor will help you understand the hair loss treatment and get prepare for the same. The consultant may also suggest a combination of several products to reduce the hair fall and provide optimum nourishment.