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BOTOX – Relax Your Face Scientifically

By September 27, 2016November 23rd, 2021No Comments

Frown lines, worry lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines – there just seem to be way too many lines on our faces as time so cruelly passes by. It’s almost hard to see the real You underneath all those little furrows placed so un-aesthetically on your once wrinkle-free skin. You wish you could somehow erase them.


Ever wondered why your wrinkles ever formed? Your own facial muscles are the culprits. Going by how expressive we all are, our facial muscles keep pulling our skin in all these directions repeatedly. As your skin ages, it loses the elasticity to pop back into position, which is what manifests as the glorious static lines and wrinkles. Who wants to look angry/worried all the time? Not to worry though, there indeed is an eraser  – Botox.


What Botox does is, it relaxes the muscles of your face and actually hinders the contraction of the very muscles responsible for forming your wrinkles. It can be used on your upper face, chin and even those annoying neck bands. It makes you look relaxed, younger and not perennially ticked off. A lot of people are worried about Botox making them look plastic, however, done in the hands of a physician with a good aesthetic sense, you will notice the lines fade away, retaining your 4-6 months, and we will make your face look smooth again.

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