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The premier dermatological and cosmetic clinic, AAYNA, provides you with all the information you need to address the problems related to dark circles, under-eye hollows, and weary or lifeless eyes with its most recent blog post. AAYNA is regarded as one of the top clinics for dermal fillers and specializes in under-eye fillers.

In this blog, apart from learning about under eye fillers cost in India, you will also learn all the important things you need to know about under eye fillers, including different types of fillers, their benefits and factors affecting the cost of treatment.

Sometimes, even if you have slept well, it might still seem like you have sleepy eyes. It’s okay if it happens sometimes, but if it occurs every day, you should take action to find the root cause. You may have dark circles under your eyes for various other reasons, like if you are anxious, spend a lot of time on screens, or have trouble falling asleep.

Due to this, you appear lifeless, exhausted and sleep-deprived when you have undereye hollows. Friends may frequently question you, “You look tired,” or “Didn’t you sleep at night.”

As we age, this problem gets worse and we start to feel self-conscious about how we look. Concealers and eye creams can help cover it up temporarily, but if you’re looking for something more permanent, there could be a better option available.

Under-eye fillers would be the sole treatment option available to you if you have under eye issues. Your eyelids get darker, drier, and thinner as you age. Additionally, hollows appear under your eyes. This is known as a “tear trough.” Now, you might be eager to know how much under eye fillers cost in India, right? Let’s learn more about fillers before we get into the details of that.

What Are Under Eye Fillers?

A non-surgical remedy for hollow under eyes is known as an under-eye filler. It works by injecting a gel-like material beneath and around the eyes to improve the appearance of weary eyes. It restores the volume that has been lost, rejuvenating the undereye area generally.

The tear-trough fillers quickly brighten your eyes and are a very effective cure for dark circles. Under eye fillers make the under eyes voluminous and brighten them, although they cannot address hollow under eyes caused by all causes, including ageing or heredity.

The fillers come in 1 ml sterile pre-packaged syringes. The syringe is filled with hyaluronic acid, or “HA.” Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar found in our skin’s dermal layer. Fillers made of hyaluronic acid restore vitality to the nearly lifeless region beneath the eyes by filling in empty spots.

The skin naturally moisturises and plumps up after receiving HA injections. As a result, the undereye hollows are filled in, wrinkles around the eyes are gone, and dark circles become lighter.

Advantages Of Under Eye Fillers

Apart from the affordable under eye fillers cost in India, there are several reasons why under-eye filler injections are popular; the main ones are outlined here.

Reduce dark circles

This is the main reason why anyone is getting this cosmetic procedure done. Tear trough fillers increase volume to the area under the eyes to cure the hollow there as well as reduce the visibility of dark circles.

Hydrate the region under your eyes.

Hyaluronic acid, the main ingredient in these fillers, is very good at keeping moisture in the skin and moisturising it. In the end, these fillers smooth out wrinkles and enhance the texture of the skin.

More youthful look

Any number of factors might cause the under-eye region to lose volume, giving you a fatigued appearance. beneath eye fillers plump up the under eye bags beneath the eyes, reduce puffiness around the eyes, and provide a more lifted, rested look.

Deliver outcomes that seem natural.

Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring component in the skin and is the major ingredient in these fillers. Furthermore, under-eye fillers that are placed by a skilled professional like those at AAYNA, produce results that seem natural without being overdone.


Everybody has a unique under-eye region, and their problems are as unique. This procedure evaluates the patient’s skin and concerns, sorts the therapy, and achieves the patient’s unique periorbital rejuvenation goals.

Very little downtime

There is no downtime with tear-trough fillers because they are less intrusive than surgery. Following treatment, patients will have minimal discomfort and be able to resume their regular lifestyle without seeing age-defying outcomes.

Fast procedure and long-lasting outcomes

The process may take as little as fifteen minutes, but it could also take up to an hour at times. Everything is dependent on a few things, such as the kind of filler that is employed. The effects also happen instantly and can endure for several months or even a year. To preserve the results, however, periodic maintenance is necessary.

Boost one’s general Appearance

The individual appearance changes and the features look lifted and revitalised after periorbital rejuvenation, which undoubtedly boosts their confidence and sense of self. They would begin to love themselves completely more.

What Is The Under Eye Fillers Cost In India?

A variety of problems, including drooping eyelids, thinning skin, and dark circles, can be resolved with under-eye fillers. Younger people often have lower costs since their problems are typically less. Spending may increase for older individuals who need more under-eye correction. This is also generally because their issue is more serious.

The under eye fillers cost in India ranges between INR 15,000 to INR 20,000. It covers the price of anaesthesia as well as any necessary anti-swelling medicines.

The kind and amount of filler, however, may have an impact on the price. The best skin clinic in Delhi & various Indian cities will offer care at a comparable calibre. But their prices will be different!

Different Types Of Under-Eye Fillers And Their Cost In India

India has a wide range of eye fillers to choose from. Your optimum eye filler will depend on several factors, including your skin type, desired eye area, budget, and treatment objectives. We’ve included some of the typical under eye filler cost in India below:

Hyaluronic Acid

Since hyaluronic acid comes from natural sources, there are no health hazards associated with it. It must be taken every six to eight months and has transitory effects along with instant benefits. Each millilitre costs between ₹15,700 and ₹26,000.

Fat Transfer

Your thighs or another region of your body is used to harvest fat, which is then injected under your eyes. It must be given once every one to three years and has a long-lasting impact. In India, fat transfer typically costs ₹50,000.


Collagen is regarded as a long-term filler. Reports indicate that they endure around five years, though. It is taken out of organic materials. In India, a millilitre of collagen costs around ₹29,000.

Filler kind is important! However, there are other variables at play when it comes to under eye fillers cost in India. For more information, continue reading!

Factors Affecting the Under Eye Fillers Cost In India

Treatment type

While some people would choose a fat transfer, others could prefer a hyaluronic acid therapy. Under-eye fillers come in a variety of forms, and their prices range.

Level of experience of the physician

Depending on your doctor, under-eye fillers might cost different amounts in India. Doctors with greater experience will probably bill more and offer better care and outcomes.

The equipment employed

The ultimate cost of under-eye fillers is also influenced by the equipment utilised during the procedure. The greatest equipment is pricey but performs admirably.

The volume of filler utilised

Naturally, the cost will rise as more filler is needed to treat the skin.

Why Should You Choose AAYNA for Under-Eye Fillers?

There are several advantages to going with the expert team at AAYNA. The following are important things to remember:

Highest Levels of Quality:

Leading medical authorities oversee the administration of AAYNA, guaranteeing the best possible care via the implementation of stringent standards.

Reasonable Prices:

When compared to other clinics, AAYNA offers remarkably affordable under eye fillers in India. High-end services are easily accessible and extremely reasonably priced.

Increased Level of Client Contentment:

AAYNA has shown to be quite successful in the field of cosmetology. AAYNA’s client satisfaction and success rates are on par with those of the world’s top cosmetic clinics.

The availability of Various Treatment Choices:

AAYNA has a wide range of under-eye filler solutions. To get the greatest outcomes, our skilled physicians will select the course of action that is ideal for you.


All of our under-eye issues may be effectively treated without surgery using under-eye fillers. In summary, this volume restoration process completely transforms a person’s appearance and gives them more self-assurance, but not everyone is a good fit.

At AAYNA Clinics, we evaluate every little detail about our patients, find out what they need, and choose the filler according to the information we have. Our dermatologist and knowledgeable team will provide you with the finest guidance.

Moreover, under eye fillers cost in India at AAYNA is quite affordable, making it a desirable alternative for anyone looking to rejuvenate and perk up the beauty of their eyes.

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