• Thermage

    Thermage is the gold standard treatment worldwide for loss of collagen and elasticity and in simple terms called a ‘non- surgical face lift’. It uses patented Monopolar radiofrequency or radio waves to take the years of your face by reducing fine lines, wrinkles, skin crepiness, jowls and other signs of ageing resulting in a more lifted, smoother and tighter contour of the treated area.

  • The radiofrequency waves of Thermage heat up the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the formation of new collagen or elastic fibers as well as remodel the old collagen leaving the skin looking naturally fresher , supple and more youthful.

  • Thermage involves delivering heat to the deeper tissues of the skin to get the results but the procedure is patient feedback oriented and the physician works around creating a balance between patient comfort and effective treatment parameters. Certain areas may be more sensitive than others but a local anesthetic cream applied for 45 to 60 minutes before the procedure or even an analgesic tablet two hours prior completes the procedure with minimal discomfort.

  • Thermage CPT or COMFORT PULSE TECHNOLOGY is the third generation Thermage. As the name suggests this enhances the client comfort level as compared to the previous Thermage. It has a vibrating tip which distracts from the heat sensation and also the heat distribution is more even and efficient. Thermage CPT coupled with the TOTAL TIP which doubles the heating effect while maintaining the same safety profile and increased comfort levels delivers excellent results.

  • Thermage is a Monopolar radiofrequency technology which is independent of skin color. It is a single session treatment delivering some instant results and for the greater parts showing progressive improvement over the next six months in terms of tighter, contoured and more smoother and hydrated skin. The results are subtle and natural making one look like a younger version of their self. It is completely non invasive and has no down time.

  • The treatment time depends on the area being treated. A typical face Thermage treatment takes 45 to 60 minutes whereas an eye Thermage would just take 30 minutes. If a topical anesthetic cream is being used an additional time ranging between 15 minutes for the eyes and 45 minutes for the face is considered. There is no downtime to the treatment and one is able to resume work or other routine activities immediately. A mild redness may be present in some people with very sensitive skin but it fades away in a couple of hours at the most. There is no special precaution to be taken either as post care.

  • Thermage is very compatible with every other aesthetic treatment. Thermage when combined with Fraxel laser gives enhanced anti ageing effects with drastic improvements in photo aged skin. Dermal fillers and Botox post Thermage results in long lasting and more pronounced contouring. Thermage can be safely and effectively combined with all lasers, chemical peels and other skin rejuvenation modalities to maximize improvements in all dimensions of the ageing spectrum.

  • The effects or results continue to improve up to six months after a single session treatment of Thermage and on an average the results can last for about two years. However individual variations are there and one can repeat a Thermage after six months for enhanced or sustained results.

  • Thermage for eyes is a specialized extension of the face Thermage treatment which may be performed stand alone or as a complimentary treatment to the above. It uses a separate tip and marking grid and involves the insertion of an eye shield. The use of radiofrequency for tightening the loose skin around the eye area was actually the first to get FDA approval. An eye Thermage reduces the lines or wrinkles above and below the eyes and the crepiness surrounding them that comes in with age. One of the commonest ageing signs bothering people is the hooding of the upper eyelid and Thermage works beautifully to reduce hooding and opens up the eye.

  • Thermage is US FDA approved and completely safe to treat all areas of skin laxity. Thermage uses Monopolar radiofrequency which is considered entirely safe as compared to a laser. Thermage is a doctor led procedure and in trained hands can only give positive results. There are no side effects and no downtime.