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Your eyes are considered to be a window to your soul. They are usually the first thing people notice about you. But when the drapes covering those beautiful windows of yours are all wrinkly with way too many folds, it is quite depressing.


The skin of our eyelids as well as that surrounding our eyes is very sensitive as it is thinner than the skin on the rest of our body. Hence, it is more vulnerable to the effects of ageing and photo-damage. This area suffers from volume loss making your eyes look sunken, which is responsible for the appearance of dark circles.

The skin of your eyelids being so thin looks as though it has been crushed and wrinkled, complete with those deep folds (known as hooding) making you look like a haggard old lady. And although there still are some treatments available to reduce dark circles, replenish volume and get rid of crow’s feet, there seems to be nothing we can do about our upper eyelids. So we wait for a miracle.

Your wait is finally over – the Thermage  treatment for the eye not only helps get rid of your wrinkles and helps replenish volume; it is also the only treatment available that is 100% safe and effective to smoothen out your beautiful eyelids that also gets rid of that hooding. Thermage is a mono-polar radiofrequency device that uses heat to stimulate collagen remodeling within your skin, smoothening the skin around your eyes in the most natural way possible.

You don’t look done up, you don’t look plastic, you look like you – only miraculously yet naturally younger. And the miracle keeps getting better – even though you look great immediately after the procedure, as the collagen goes on remodeling with time, you keep looking younger day by day seeing peak results in 4-6 months. And the cherry on top – your results really last, your skin literally becomes younger. It is a one time treatment, although you can get treatments once every year or every 2 years depending upon the natural ageing of your skin thereafter.

Thermage is like a time machine for your skin wherein you can reset the years and defythe ravages of time.

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