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It is party season; the celebratory mood is in full swing. This means lots of finger foods, spicy, tasty fare, and oodles of calories. You can’t really not go to the party, and keep on saying no to all the delicious dishes, can you? But a big waistline can play havoc with all your dressing up plans. So simply follow these pointers to happy partying.

Party Pointer 1: The golden rule to healthy life is ‘moderation’. By taking everything in moderate quantity, you can satisfy your taste buds and also not feel guilty afterwards.

Party Pointer 2: Say no to second helpings. Fill up with soup and salad, and fruit chaat before hitting the buffet table.

Party Pointer 3: Cut down on the amount of sugar that’s in sweets and desserts. When eating dessert at a party, share it with your friend. It is a great way to bond, and eat less calories at the same time.

Party Pointer 4: Use the skinny version of milk to prepare dishes like shrikhand, kheer, phirniand fruit custard. Skimmed milk has fewer calories and zero fat. Instead of sugar try fruit pulp to add to the sweetness.

Party Pointer 5: Instead of buying try making salted snacks such as mathris, chikisat home, using high fibre flour such as bajra, ragior soya flour along with white flour. Bake these salted snacks instead of frying them.

Party Pointer 6: While buying readymade snacks, sweets or other eatables, check nutritional information given on the packets. Compare them and pick those with lesser calories.

Party Pointer 7:Even overeating low calorie foods can lead to extra calories. So keep a check on portion sizes by picking smaller plates, bowls and glasses for your food at a party.

Party Pointer 8: Beverages are major sources of hidden empty calories. Avoid squashes, aerated drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, or drinks made using artificial syrups. A good option would be fresh fruit juices minus sugar, or lemonade.

Party Pointer 9: Do not miss out on your regular exercises. You can start with the simpler physical movement like walking, swimming, running, cycling etc which helps you in burning calories.

Party Pointer 10: Drink lots of water. It helps in flushing out the toxic substances from the body. Drink at least a glass before eating so that you will load your plate less with food.

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