Preventive Care with Genome Mapping

Genome Mapping

Genes and Your Health

We are born with skin texture and hair color that we may have inherited from our parents. Our health, habits, physiology, and psyche have a strong hereditary component, whose information is coded in our genome, the DNA sequence that forms the building block of our cells. While 99.99% of the genome is same for all humans – the 0.01% which varies from person to person is the key to all the diversity among humans.

Advances in technology and genetics have made it possible to study genetic variants at specific locations on the DNA that can impact health and wellbeing. AAYNA offers a Genome Mapping where the results give insights into weakness in immunity and genetic predisposition to certain health conditions. With a simple swab of saliva, we can give you a complete profile of your genetic predisposition to health and lifestyle.

While the genetic component doesn’t change, factors like environment, habits, and lifestyle can be modified to mitigate any genetic risks. After the report comes out, you will have genetic counselling to explain the report to you, correlate this information with your health history, and formulate an action plan for proactive living that works for you.