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Photofacial Treatment in Delhi

June 11, 2024

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Wanting rejuvenated, vibrant, and glowing skin is a universal desire for both men and women. With factors like environmental pollution, aging, poor lifestyle choices, etc., our skin experiences a lot of push and pull, causing various changes in how it looks.

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This is where AAYNA Clinic’s Laser Genesis, aka Photofacial treatment, comes into the picture. Done under the guidance and expertise of Dr. Simal Soni, a leading dermatologist in Delhi, the photofacial treatment offers multifaceted benefits in unveiling the skin’s natural radiance.

If you are curious about getting comprehensive Photofacial treatment in Delhi and want to understand the basics of the treatment, we have everything sorted out in detail here for you.

What is Photofacial?

Photofacial is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes laser energy to address common skin concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, open pores, skin texture, and redness.

At AAYNA Clinic, our photofacial treatment, known as “Laser Genesis,” is considered one of the most advanced forms of photofacial therapy. It gently exfoliates the skin, revealing a glowing, healthier skin underneath.

The treatment targets specific skin issues by employing broad-spectrum light, promoting a more even complexion and rejuvenated skin. The best part is its versatility. Not only does it clear up the complexion and improve skin texture, but it also stimulates collagen production, contributing to a more youthful-looking skin.

How Does Photofacial Work?

Before scheduling your appointment for photofacial therapy in Delhi, it’s important to begin with an initial consultation. This is where our specialists at AAYNA will assess your skin type and concerns to determine if you are an ideal candidate for the photofacial treatment, also known as Laser Genesis.

What’s unique about our photofacial treatment is its targeted effects. The laser energy starts by creating a microscopic laser column that penetrates deep into the skin. However, the highlight is that the laser beam specifically targets the treatment site or the area of damaged skin without affecting the surrounding healthy skin.

What are the Key Benefits of Photofacial Treatment?

When exploring a new cosmetic treatment like photofacial laser treatment, it’s natural to shift your focus to the benefits.

How will the treatment help? What skin concerns does the laser treatment target? Is it suitable for my skin type? To ensure that you are making an informed decision about the treatment, let us walk you through the benefits first:

Reversing Sun Damage

Exposure to UV rays from sunlight can lead to complications like sun spots, hyperpigmentation, and skin damage. Photofacial treatment addresses these concerns by targeting hyperpigmented spots on the face, helping to even out the skin tone and making it look brighter and glowing.

Reducing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Collagen production is essential for maintaining the skin’s integrity and laxity. As you age, collagen production significantly slows down, leading to skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles. Photofacial treatment uses targeted laser beams to tighten the skin and restore its tone.

Treating Vascular Lesions

One unique benefit of the photofacial procedure is its effects in treating vascular lesions like redness and broken capillaries. The therapy eliminates these concerns and imperfections, resulting in a more even complexion.

Minimizing Pore Size

With this facial, you can very well reduce the size of the pores on your face. This will not only help you while applying the makeup but will also give you a smoother, more refined appearance.

Boosting Collagen Production

While briefly mentioned earlier, it’s worth noting that laser treatment directly influences collagen production in the skin, helping to restore its tone and tightness.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Photofacial Treatment in Delhi?

While this is a versatile and effective skincare solution for many, some specific individuals may be better candidates for this procedure. But before discussing the limitations, let’s highlight who is considered an ideal candidate.

During your initial consultation at AAYNA Clinic, photofacial treatment would be ideal for you if you struggle with concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, open pores, and sun damage, and want overall skin rejuvenation. If you are physically healthy and don’t have any adverse reactions to laser treatment, this treatment is safe for you to undergo.

You are not an ideal candidate for photofacial treatment if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Sunburnt
  • Have active skin infections or lesions
  • Have a history of keloid scarring
  • Have incompatible skin type

A thorough consultation with one of our specialists at AAYNA Clinic is mandatory before considering undergoing Laser Genesis. Some of the factors we consider when tailoring the treatment plan for you include an individual’s medical history, skin type, and specific skin concerns.

What is the Cost of Photofacial Treatment in Delhi?

Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of photofacial treatment, it’s natural to be curious about the photo facial cost in Delhi.

On average, the photofacial price in Delhi is around Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 per session. It could be more, depending on the extent of the skin damage and the duration of the session needed for the individual.

What are the side effects of Photofacial Treatment in Delhi?

Photofacial treatment is usually a safe procedure with minimal to no side effects. However, at AAYNA Clinic, we prioritize maintaining 100% transparency with our clients. Hence, we ensure that you are well informed of the potential side effects before the treatment so you can make informed decisions.

Some of the common risks include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Dark spots

In most cases, even if you experience these side effects after the session, they are temporary and will subside within a few hours.

Laser Genesis at AAYNA – Why Choose Us?

Photofacial treatment, or Laser Genesis at AAYNA, stands as one of the leading treatments in our clinic, offering versatile benefits beyond facial rejuvenation.

Laser Genesis Benefits: It effectively addresses concerns such as rosacea, toenail fungus, and spider veins. So, if you are wondering why AAYNA Clinic is a pioneer in offering this treatment, the following are a few reasons why:

  • Comprehensive consultations
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Expertise and precision

If you’re ready to unveil a more luminous and youthful complexion, AAYNA Clinic invites you to experience the transformative power of Photofacial Treatment in the heart of Delhi. Dr. Simal Soin and our dedicated team offer the most comprehensive results with their expertise, precision, and care.

Book your consultation today and embark on a radiant transformation with Delhi’s trusted leaders in skincare!

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