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Strong features are the basis of leaving a lasting first impression and no one could possibly undermine the value of well-enhanced, healthy-looking thick eyebrows. As women across the world embrace their brows, there is no reason to believe that having perfect dark thick eyebrows means spending hours in front of the mirror every day, attempting to ‘do them up’.

Gone are the days when eyebrows were an under-thought, today they’re the focus and shouldn’t be willing to be left behind. Semi-permanent makeup has emerged as a smart and effective alternative to drawing and shaping brows on a daily basis. Over the years, your eyebrows may tend to look ill-defined or faint. This can be due to a myriad of factors such as age, traumatic scars, and excessive threading, as well as medical conditions such as Alopecia Areata (patchy hair loss) or post-effects of Chemotherapy. Known as semi-permanent makeup, cosmetic micro-pigmentation is a medically acclaimed treatment to enhance your eyebrows and give them a natural-looking effect that lasts up to 3 years.


Performed at leading clinics such as AAYNA, the objective of cosmetic micro-pigmentation treatment is to lift the eyes, contour the face and give it a young, youthful appeal. Highly precise and fine applicators with nano-blading technology are used to draw hair strokes, so as to enhance the overall look of the eyebrows, giving them a naturally well-defined shape. AAYNA brings home world-renowned products and techniques of GoldenEye – a German-Spanish Micro Pigmentation brand with widespread trust and credibility generated over 20 years of global experience.

The treatment is considered the safest option for those who wish to modify their facial features with beautiful, natural-looking results. The semi-permanent makeup healing process is relatively as quick as a tattoo heals i.e. within one to two weeks with only slight redness and scabbing but overall, the skin does not bleed or is exposed to trauma. Apart from cosmetic services, AAYNA is also a trusted one-stop solution for medical micro-pigmentation, used to camouflage and correct depravities of various kinds. This is an effective form of skin camouflage for scars and pigmentation as well as Vitiligo Treatment.

Creating the perfect blend of new-age technology and premium service, AAYNA Clinic brings to life the science of beauty. Here, the aesthetic outcome is just as important as the safety profile. High-grade medical pigments are used, taking specific skin types and individual preferences into close consideration. To ensure 100% accuracy, a digital machine is used, with a choice of specialized applicators and maximum attention to hygiene and precision. Now is the time to think over your search for filling in thick eyebrows or using onion for thick eyebrows because if you’re wondering how to grow thick eyebrows in a week then Semi-permanent makeup is your chance to wake up and take on the day looking your absolute best, without the everyday struggle of doing your eyebrows.

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