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Stress! No matter who you are, no matter where you are in your life, this is your greatest nemesis. Given the frantic pace of our lives today, just about everyone – from a young adult to the older folks – suffers from stress and its disruptive effects.

While the effects of stress can be far-reaching, often leading to a number of lifestyle diseases, one of the earliest symptoms is soreness or tightness of muscles. Those who live an active lifestyle (such as sportspersons) in particular feel the fallout of the high demands we place on our bodies. For centuries now, massages have been recognized as the perfect solution to release both physical and psychological stress.

For the massage to be really effective (and safe), however, it is very important that we trust highly trained massage therapists who specialize in the release of pain, discomfort, and tensions with the help of deep tissue body massages we offer at the AAYNA Clinic.

One of the greatest benefits of a deep tissue body massage comes from the fact that it provides excellent relief from chronic aches and pains such as lower back pains, stiff shoulders, sore legs and fibromyalgia.

Your massage therapist at the AAYNA Clinic is likely to go target the deep layers of tissue and the fascia by application of various degrees of pressure at different areas. This not only relieves muscle tension but also stimulates circulation in the particular area. Over time, this helps in pain relief.

Another reason why the deep tissue body massage is very beneficial is that it stimulates the production of oxytocin, popularly called the “happiness hormone”. This ultimately brings you much-needed relief from psychological stress. A good massage from one of our trained therapists goes a long way in boosting overall wellness and health.

The benefits of a good massage have been recognized by the ancient civilizations of India, Egypt, and China. The AAYNA Clinic now brings you the benefits of the deep tissue body massage through the hands of trained therapists.

Not only does it help in the recovery of old injuries, improving circulation, activating the lymphatic nodes, providing therapeutic relief, and detoxifying the entire body system apart from providing complete relaxation.

The best body spa in Delhi is not only rejuvenating but also lowers blood pressure and helps in the removal of scars over time. It helps to remember that you may experience some stiffness when you go for the massage for the first time but this subsides in a day or two and disappears with repeated sessions.

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