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In the midst of every day’s hustle-bustle, we tend to ignore our feet and the various problems that they may suffer from. Many tend to take for granted the importance of regular foot care – calluses and foot corn treatment, tackling nail discoloration, cracked heels and other such issues.

A normal salon pedicure may target the outer appearance of your feet, giving them a temporary aesthetic appeal, but this is definitely not enough. It is important for you to treat your feet to a more specialised experience – one that tackles the root cause as opposed to decking up the surface.

Your feet carry you through life, guiding you through the ups and downs and thus, deserve to be taken care of with the best you can provide. Ordinary cosmetic pedicures only seek to hide the problem as opposed to curing it.

Consequently, your feet are not given the intricate attention they deserve. On the other hand, a medical pedicure focuses on treating the origin of the problem, in the form of a pleasing, indulgent foot-care experience.

Foot corn treatmentIt is an exclusive medicated treatment, specially designed to suit the custom needs of your feet. A trained medical expert or more commonly called, Podiatrist performs the procedure using advanced equipment and tools to give your feet a new life while following a strict protocol for hygiene.

Waterless medical pedicures like the one at Aayna Clinic are a dedicated 45-minute treatment known to leave your feet feeling rejuvenated – inside and out. The practitioners are trained from London at one of the world’s most trusted authorities on medical pedicures and foot care.

The experts adopt a wholesome, cohesive approach, addressing the foot in its entirety; first closely evaluating the condition of your feet and undertaking an elaborate skin and crack heel treatment accordingly. The nails will be buffed, shaped and hydrated, giving your feet an unmatched, unmissable revitalised glow.

With a focus on using a seamless blend of new-age technology and premium organic ingredients like Emu oil, the intricate treatment aims to create a relaxing sensory experience – ensuring that your skin is repaired and renewed from the inside at Aayna Clinic.

This specialised foot care treatment is not just about the results; it’s also about the experience. Making the best of professional foot care and internationally acclaimed new age technology, the medical pedicure is an indulgent treatment. It is known for its effective therapeutic ability along with being popular as a great way to pamper your feet – providing them the best-in-class care and expert treatment they deserve

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