What is Lymphastim?

Lymphastim is a mechanized lymphatic drainage technique that works on the presso-therapy principle. It helps in detoxification and weight loss by applying intermittent compression on one or more parts of the body. Special applicator sleeves with multiple overlapping chambers provide a gentle massage that encourages the natural circulation of the lymph through the body. Its compression technique is designed to help improve overall circulation and tone up the circulatory system for faster detoxification and elimination.

Lymphedema treatment

Benefits of Lymphastim treatment

  • • Immediate relief and comfort for heavy legs
  • • water retention, cellulite
  • • poor circulation
  • • Body shaping and contouring
  • • Weight loss
  • • Reduced localized edema
  • • Relieves leg pain and swelling
  • • Helps prevent venous stasis
  • • Helps prevent deep vein thrombosis
  • • Improves blood flow and oxygenation
  • How many treatments do I need?

    Each session will take about 40 to 45 minutes. Depending upon the problem number of sessions can be planned but minimum 4 to 6 sessions are required.

    What kind of results can I expect?

    After the first procedure only you will experience lightness in legs and the weight loss process will start. After 2-3 procedures the swellings (due to water retention) will diminish, the skin color will improve and the visible vessels on skin surface will disappear.