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Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi

June 11, 2024

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Hair loss, or hair fall, is often a concerning issue for both men and women, whether it manifests as a receding hairline, patchy hair loss, or hair thinning. If left untreated, this issue can lead to permanent complications.

Can you imagine losing a significant amount of hair due to scalp issues like excess oil, dirt, and weakened hair follicles, which eventually become permanent if necessary measures are not taken? Well, this is where AAYNA Clinic’s comprehensive hair loss treatments come into play. With Dr. Siman Soin, a renowned dermatologist in Delhi, has access to the resources and treatments necessary to address hair fall effectively.

To give you a better idea about AAYNA’s hair fall treatment, we have brought together everything that you possibly need to know.

What is Hair Loss?

Before we walk you through the different types of hair loss or fall treatments available at AAYNA Clinic in Delhi, it’s essential to understand the basics first.

How do we define hair loss?

In general, losing up to 50-100 strands of hair each day is normal. It’s part of the hair growth cycle and isn’t cause for concern. However, concerns arise when you start losing over 100 strands throughout the day, particularly every time you comb your hair or run your fingers through it.

Witnessing such extensive hair loss is usually a sign that something could be physiologically wrong: genetics, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, or lifestyle factors.

At AAYNA Clinic, our specialists understand the unique nature of each case before employing holistic hair treatment for hair loss to address the underlying causes.

What are the Common Concerns Related to Hair Loss?

Let’s discuss the common causes of hair loss and how we can treat the same. In general, there can be multiple variants, varying triggers, and complications that are making you go bald. Here, atAAYNA Clinic, our specialists have listed down some of the top causes of hair loss:

Hair Loss in Males – Concerns like hair thinning and male-pattern baldness are some of the most common issues contributing to hair loss in males. Triggered by a strong genetic predisposition, problems like these are usually due to the malfunctioning of the male hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Hair Loss in Females – Unlike men, where hereditary factors are the leading trigger behind hair loss, female hair loss is usually due to hormonal imbalance, leading to thinning (ways to regrow thinning hair), breakage, and eventual hair fall.

Patchy Hair Loss – Experiencing patchy hair loss can trigger a sense of panic, especially when observed in the beard region. In most cases, consequences like these are usually immune-mediated.

Dandruff – Factors like dryness in the scalp, excessive sebum production, skin microorganisms, infections, and sensitivity, contribute to issues like dandruff.

Oily, Itchy, and Sensitive Scalp – If you are experiencing greasy hair, itching, burning, and blistering on the scalp, those are signs of sensitivity. Common concerns include using incompatible shampoo and eating an imbalanced diet.

What are the Different Hair Loss Treatments in Delhi?

Your hunt for Delhi’s best hair loss therapy ends here at AAYNA Clinic. Our targeted and comprehensive approach focuses on identifying the underlying causes first and then implementing relevant treatment options best suited to address your hair loss issues.

Some of the exclusive hair loss treatment options at AAYNA Clinic include:

AAYNA Hair Regrow

The AAYNA Hair Regrow is a treatment that targets two things – Hair growth and Hair restoration. It uses a blend of a patented solution, including peptides, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.

It uses a 10-minute hair loss treatment in Delhi, eliminating concerns of Male pattern balding or Androgenetic alopecia, Female pattern hair loss, Chemotherapy-related hair loss, Age-related hair loss, and more.

This non-invasive treatment is administered by mesotherapy and is a quick and pain-free procedure that contributes to the development of new hair follicles and boosts blood circulation in the scalp.

Root Deep Treatment

AAYNA’s exclusive Root Deep treatment boosts scalp microcirculation, which delivers relevant nutrition to the scalp, thereby reducing the complaints of seborrhea.

This is a holistic hair spa treatment that not only offers relaxation but enables you to reverse complaints of excessive hair loss over time. It is a blend of powerful plant-based ingredients, including peas, sprouts, asparagus, and black pepper. It effectively treats dandruff, scalp psoriasis, etc.


Next on the list of exclusive and effective hair loss therapies in Delhi is mesotherapy, which involves using microinjections in specific sites on the scalp to reverse hair loss.

If your hair loss is triggered by hormonal imbalance and reduced blood circulation in the scalp, Mesotherapy is usually the most effective treatment option. The treatment uses a mix of amino acids, biotin, vitamins, and minerals, which are injected into the scalp’s mesoderm to trigger hair regrowth.

Rene Furterer Therapy

If you are looking for a hair loss treatment that offers long-lasting results without any side effects, the Rene Furterer Therapy is what our specialists at AAYNA Clinic highly recommend. The treatment uses rare and precious essential oils to stimulate hair growth.

Ideal for scalp disorders and dull and damaged hair, the best thing about this treatment is the personalization. Every blend of essential oils is concocted according to one’s subjective needs.

Why is AAYNA Clinic the Best for Hair Loss Treatment in Delhi?

Besides offering an affordable cost of hair loss treatment in Delhi, AAYNA Clinic is one of the few cosmetic centers where hair loss therapies are result-driven and non-invasive.

Our priority is to offer our clients access to quick treatments that guarantee healthy hair regrowth, strengthening of the hair follicles, and lush and shiny hair after a few sessions. Our results-driven approach is designed to not only restore your hair but also boost your confidence and well-being.

Furthermore, we prioritize patient satisfaction and comfort throughout the hair loss treatment journey. Hence, we foster a trusting and transparent relationship with our patients, ensuring a positive and empowering experience.

Embark on your journey to healthier, fuller hair by scheduling a consultation at AAYNA Clinic!

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