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Skin Care Tips

Express Beauty for Your Travel Time

By September 27, 2016November 29th, 2021No Comments

The season of vacations is right here, and if you are travelling to the hills, or to the super scenic beach, you would want a perfect selfie on that exotic locale which you are travelling to. How about going for some quick beauty enhancements before you go on your dream holidays? Yes, when holidaying, it’s best to take a beauty break much in advance so as to get the best of clicks and fresh-looking skin during the vacations. One of the top luxury clinics on the capital, Aayna by Dr. Simal Soin knows what exactly women traveller want, and that’s one of the reasons this beautiful clinic offers some fabulous beauty treatments that you can vouch for once tried and experienced! We decided to share some of the express rituals that a traveller must go for this summer season…

Quickie Pedi-& Mani-Cure!


Travel With Your Fab Feet… Be it the hills or the beaches, well-groomed feet and softened hands bring the perfect beauty out of you. At Aayna, the experts make sure to take care of your ignored feets or hands in the clinically advanced way. And, that’s why they have Margaret Dabbs foot clinical treatments available. You may not necessarily wish to go for the elaborate form of the pedicure, and thus, the foot lotion, or the anti-fungus gels work wonders during your travel. Go for the express pedi at the clinic before your travel, and carry the Margaret Dabbs’s products with you to keep your feet soft and hygienic during your travel.


Say Goodbye to the Unwanted Wrinkles

Be the Botox Beauty

If the feet and hands are sorted, let’s now shift our focus to the skincare part. No wonder, the best of beach selfies that you see on social media make you feel envious of the flawless skin those women flaunt. Be it tanned, or radiant, the skin is sans any wrinkles. Thanks to the Botox treatments that Aayna has an experte in. Dr Simal Soin has done end number of Botox, and she is one of the veterans in the industry who can make you look youthful and radiant both in a go with her magic wand. Of course, the magic lies in the painless syringe that’s used in the affected area, and in no time your skin is back to where it was in your 20s.So, this travel season, make sure to take your botox break!!

Exfoliation & Facials


Get the Glow in a Jiffy…There’s no sense leaving for your vacations with the pigmentation  and freckles around, that are making your skin look dull. And, that’s why at Aayna the express treatment facials and massages

make sure to improve the blood circulation, remove the dead and dull skin, or even boost the moisture that’s much needed for the cool clicks. Not just the selfies, a healthy skin brings loads of happiness around, and you tend to enjoy your holidays more, without worrying much about your skin.

Quick beauty treatments are always a boon before you go on a vacation. And, this is certainly not a substitute of your regular skincare. So, when travelling, your CTTM is a must at that assures to take care of a skin that’s already pampered by the experts at the beautiful and plush Aayna in Delhi…



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