Cracked Heels & Wart Treatment

If we afforded our feet even a fraction of the attention we give our faces it would make a tremendous difference. With the emergence of such fabulous shoes and all-year round sandals it is not surprising we are suddenly focusing on our feet. Flip flops and sandals are so girly, cracked heels and dry skin are not! Therefore, our ingrown toenail treatment, wart removal and cracked heels treatment offer solutions to a host of these problems, providing your feet the protection and care they deserve!
Heel cracks

Foot problems need a specialist’s attention and such specific concerns are treated by Podiatrists or Chiropodists who are foot care specialists, trained extensively in the diagnosis and management of foot related issues. MARGARET DABBS foot clinic at AAYNA offers solutions to a host of foot troubles along with being a space for pure relaxation.

The amazing secrets of Emu oil which is a chief ingredient in all the products is let out for all to experience-it is completely natural and organic and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Readily absorbed by the skin it has amazing healing benefits leading to skin renewal and repair. The treatment uses products known for intense relaxation qualities and have been formulated with specific podiatry needs in mind.
Our practitioners have been trained at the Margaret Dabbs Clinics at Marylebone Street and Urban Retreat at Harrods to bring the same level of competence. Exclusive usage of Margaret Dabbs products and foot care tools gives truly international foot care solutions at AAYNA

Foot problems