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Winters & Skincare Woes.. Go for Express Rituals!

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When it’s winter time, usually what takes the back seat is the skincare. Of course, for obvious reasons, as the freezing cold around makes women go a little laid-back. While there is no denying that the cold winters take a toll on skin, which is more harmful than the summer and monsoon put together, women tend to ignore this despite the skin itself giving frequent signs of the seasonal damage.

Well, if you thought that the basic skincare in winter season is cumbersome, than it’s time to shift to the express rituals, offered by professionals. Aayna Clinic by Dr. Simal Soin seems to know your troubles perfectly well and that’s why this dream clinic has conceptualized an array of express rituals for this season. What’s interesting is to know the fact that all these treatments are fuss-free, with no downtime and do not need even need regular sittings!Take a look….

Laser Genesis


This one is a perfect skin rejuvenation, winter treatment. The gentle warmth of the laser stimulates collagen remodeling, improving the elasticity and moisture levels of the skin leaving your skin supple, radiant and flawless. You will be surprised to know that LG of the entire face is generally performed in less than an hour, and since the whole treatment is quite comfortable, no anesthesia or medication is recommended, or even needed.

Facials in a Jiffy

When the season is winters, what can be the easiest and quickest way to pamper your skin than an express facial? Yes, Aayna clinic is know for it’s amazing facials, and the experts from the clinic recommend some of these for the winter 2015…

Hydra Facial

Women today vouch for this treatment that can be performed in less than 40 mins. This has been Aayna’s flagship treatment for many years now, the evergreen and all season treatment suited to all skin types works at all the levels of your skin. The active serums cleanse and remove the dead skin , unclog the pores, extract the hidden impurities and hydrate at the deepest level to reveal the healthiest skin possible.

Oxygen Facial

Another popular treatment- the red carpet facial- uses the purity of oxygen to help infuse hydrating and brightening serums into the skin leaving it luminous and smooth.

Sun-friendly Laser Treatment

For all those who love the sun in the winters, the Medlite Laser is a true friend. You can comfortably go out and bask in the glory of sun. Simply come back with the tans to the experts at Aayna, and the Medlite will remove the acquired tan and dullness and not only restores your complexion but makes it lighter and even toned.

Lunch-time Treatment


Who doesn’t know it is Botox, of course! This lunch time miracle completely takes away the the lines between the brows, the lines at the corners of the eyes and the stress lines on the forehead to give you a relaxed and younger look. Tiny injections are used to do the procedure that feel like ant bites at the worst and you can return to work and other normal activities immediately after.

Fillers for Winters


Don’t get scared, a filler is not just about syringe, but primarily about your contours. Look at a transformed you in less than an hour, once the magic laden gels in a syringe, change the contours of your face and lips.. just like that! You can choose the look you want ranging from just a hint of change to a more dramatic wow factor. The results last for more than a year…

What are you waiting for now, it’s time to block your weekend and have a date with one of these beauty rituals…Believe us, this date is worth every penny spent!!

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