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Skincare, and skin solutions are an unending concerns for any woman. Be it the day-today skincare rituals, or a permanent solution to some long-term skin trouble, we always see women trying to find out the perfect solutions, rather customized and effective ones that can be vouched upon…

Clinical Beauty Treatment, for a Permanent Solution


Yes, when it comes to long-term skin trouble, than clinical is the answer. With this feature, we decided to feature one such swear by treatments that can take care of your permanent tans, and even the tatoo blunders that you regret at times! Medlite Laser, one of the newest in clinical beauty is here to treat your hyper-pigmentation concerns. And guess what? It’s the beautiful & advance Aayna Clinic that is offering you this wonderful treatment… Let us know more about it from none other that Dr. Simal Soin, the woman with great calibre, and most importantly, the expert behind Aayna, your Dream Clinic…

Is Pigmentation Troubling You? Go for Medlite

“Most women have issues like uneven skin tone, patchy discoloration, Melasma, Pregnancy mask, sun spots and freckles, tattoos and general tans caused by frequent exposure to sunlight.  Medlite

is the perfect solution to all these key issues,”says Dr. Soin. Well, this may sound easy, but we wanted to know more about it and the treatment that’s offered at Aayna Clinic, so we did an exclusive Q&A with Dr. Soin. Here is the excerpt…

What is Medlite treatment, it’s duration & the pros & cons?

Medlite laser is a very advanced laser system for treating hyper-pigmentation concerns, like uneven skin tone, patchy discoloration, Melasma, Pregnancy mask, Sun spots and freckles, tattoos and generalized lightening of skin tone. An average of 6 to 8 sessions may be required at specific intervals ranging from a week to a month depending on the indication. The advantages of Medlite lie in its efficacy and safety and the fact that it can be combined safely with other modalities to enhance treatment results. It is a laser system requiring technical and clinical knowledge and so should be performed by experts only.

What extent of de-tanning can be cured under this treatment?

Heavy, moderate or mild.. Medlite is very effective in removing tanning, especially mild to moderate. The only difference lies in the optimum number of sessions required which is usually specified by the doctor during the initial skin assessment.

How many sittings are needed & has it to do with the age as well?

The number of sessions required depends entirely on the indication as well as the degree of concern. Age is usually not a deciding factor for the above. Superficial lesions like freckles may require 3 to 4 sessions whereas melasma may require a minimum of 8 sessions and then maintenance sessions a few times in a year separately. Tattoos may require 6 sessions and above depending on the age of the tattoo and the colors used.

What is the aftercare of this laser treatment?

Avoid any activity that induces sweating and excessive sun exposure of the treated part for 24 to 48 hrs post treatment. Secondly, wear Sun screen and moisturize the treatment area well and follow the doctors instructions in resuming home care products, adjutant treatments and salon services, and lastly, the doctor may prescribe a broad spectrum antibiotic cream after freckle or tattoo removal for a couple of days.

How good is it for hyper-sensitive skin, which is prone to many side effects of treatments?

Sensitive skin as such is not a contraindication for Medlite treatment. Dr. Soin will specify any additional pre and post care that may be required.

Isn’t this what we women were looking for? Well, if concerns like these are treated in the utmost guidance of an expert like Dr. Soin, at a luxury clinic like Aayna, we won’t mind saying this is exactly what all what she wants…

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    I have a sensitive skin with pigmentation. Whenever there is an injury on my skin, discolouration will appear in two days. It will last for weeks. In this situation what treatment is advisable?

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