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Semi Permanent Make – Up – Saviour Of Busy Women

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Women around the world are faced with the daily chore of doing their makeup, despite being faced with a perpetual paucity of time. Fortunately, semi-permanent makeup has emerged as an increasingly popular alternative to traditional makeup, especially among working women, celebrities and others looking to do away with the tedious morning make-up ritual. Not only does Semi-permanent makeup (also called micro-pigmentation) enhance your features and save time, it is also super safe and acts as an overall boost to your self-confidence. Here are the top 4 reasons people opting for this popular treatment:

Semi Permanent Make Up

1. Always Feeling Ready with Zero Effort:

The idea of being able to feel ‘ready’ to go out, meet people and do your thing, all without the hassle of doing your makeup may sound too good to be true but fortunately, semi-permanent makeup has made it a reality. The time you save doing your makeup can be put to better use – you can spend it getting good rest, exercising or doing anything else that brings you happiness.

2. Confidence Boost:

You’ll be amazed at the difference semi-permanent makeup can bring to your overall confidence level. From semi-permanent eyebrows to fuller looking lips, with cosmetic micro pigmentation you can add more definition to your face and treat it to an anti-ageing effect. This invariably boosts your confidence, making sure that you feel beautiful right from the moment you wake up.

3. State-of-the-Art Technique:

AAYNA uses best in class technology, procedures, and expertise to improve, correct and enhance your natural features. Being a medically proven procedure, micro pigmentation is a revolution in the field of cosmetic dermatology. AAYNA has collaborated with a world reputed micro pigmentation brand with over 20 years of experience called Golden Eye to meet the strictest certification requirements in terms of safety, quality, and hygiene.

4. Medical Micro-Pigmentation

Apart from using semi-permanent makeup for cosmetic purposes, women are also turning to this ultra safe and reliable procedure for medical reasons. Medical micro pigmentation is used in a number of ways to camouflage and correct skin depravities. This ranges from treatment of vitiligo, scars and pigmentation to scalp micro pigmentation and areola reconstruction.

The best part about semi-permanent makeup is that the pigments used by AAYNA are 100% safe and organic. Advanced technology is met with international expertise to deliver the pigment in a non-invasive manner such that the final results are natural looking and non-artificial. With a number of advantages and freedom from timely makeup routines, it’s no wonder that busy women everywhere are welcoming this aesthetic treatment with open arms.

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