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Let Your Feet Experience the Magic of Medical Pedicure

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Our feet are the most stressed part of our body. They bear the brunt of our hurried lifestyles, our packed schedules, and our unending activities.

While we take good care of our health, our skin, and our face, we often fail to spend time and money focusing on the beauty and health of our faithful companions, our feet.

Margaret Dabbs Foot Treatment

Foot care treatments become all the more important given the increase in common afflictions such as callouses, cracked feet, discolored nails, and even diseases such as diabetes. Even something as commonplace as cracked heels or callouses can leave you in extreme discomfort through the day.

Our feet require regular pedicures but it is also very important to consistently seek out specialized services such as wart treatment and ingrown toenail treatments to give out feet optimum care. This is where the medical pedicure service available at Aayna steps in. It is all the more necessary for those who spend the greater part of the day in closed shoes and on their feet.

The medical pedicure at Aayna Combines state-of-the-art foot care technology with premium products prepared from ingredients such as the Emu oil. Our foot care professionals are all trained at the Margaret Dabbs Foot Clinic – the internationally acclaimed center for medical pedicures and foot care.

The magic of new age of medical pedicure is visible in its results. Trustworthy treatments are built into the 45-minute long dry pedicure regimen targeted at providing your feet a rejuvenating experience. Our podiatrists expertly treat your feet to personalized solutions specific to your skin type and to your foot needs.


The anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and other therapeutic properties of our products leave your feet feeling soft, supple, and completely healed. Our new age of medical pedicure is designed to be preventive solutions as well and promote long-term foot health.

A foot care clinic is a place of complete relaxation – a veritable oasis where you can take a break from the frantic pace of your life. You deserve the very best of both worlds – feet that are beautiful and at the same time are healthy and devoid of infection. This is precisely what the podiatrists at our clinic have to offer – a wholesome experience where luxury meets beauty and healing meet indulgence.


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