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Know Your Expert: Woman Behind Aayna

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It’s International Womens Day today, and Internet, blogs, portals will be flooded with the special offers, discounts and what not to woo the ‘she’ readers who plan to enjoy their special day in some way or the other. Well, since we know that our reader knows her choices pretty well, we decided to bring to her yet another inspiration that can be followed and looked upon when it comes to beauty, wellness and wisdom.

Meet Dr. Simal Soin, Founder & Director of Aayna Clinic… She’s a veteran in Indian beauty industry and the science behind the entire aesthetics of Invasive and non-invasive beauty treatments and well-being…

Woman Behind Aayna

Yes, Dr. Simal Soin is the woman behind the well-known beauty clinic from the capital city of India. Aayna is where science meets beauty, and this luxury clinic in such a short time span has made it’s niche in the right audience that believes in the aesthetics of beauty.

There is no doubt about the fact that it’s good to be in the skin you are in, and love the way you are. But, when science has made progress leaps and bounds, and has such talents like Dr. Soin, women should and must consider going for treatments that can help enhancing their natural beauty. And, that’s one of the reasons why we are bringing this feature that shares Dr. Soin’s belief in beauty!

“Aesthetics is Important”

Dr. Soin strongly believes that aesthetics is a very important aspect of life. ” To me life is all about aesthetics. So be it home, the food you eat, the places you travel, the way you live, the way you dress, and the way you talk, all the basics of life are incomplete if you can’t find a certain sophistication or aesthetics around. And, that’s how I perceive beauty too,” told Dr. Soin when we connected with her over phone to understand the concept of Aayna Clinic.

” I have been part of this industry for more than two decades now, and while working with other clinics, I realized that beauty is one of the less talked about industries where we are actually helping people in so many ways. Not many people realize but the fact is that the beauty is based on science, and when we offer treatments like thermage, fraxe, botox, fillers, etc to people, the approach is purely scientific,” she added.

Beauty Accentuates Your Self-Esteem

Dr. Soin opened her own clinic a couple of years back when she felt that her clients were coming to her not just for the services or the place that she was associated with, but for her experte in the area of beauty. ” I could see happy clients coming back to me with a much better confidence and trust and that’s when I felt that I should have my own clinic that’s more about me and my character, in terms of the philosophies that I believe in, and that’s how Aayna started,” shares Dr. Soin.

Well, no wonder as Aayna is so synonymous to aesthetics, and her clients vouch for her. ” I have actually seen and experienced how our beauty treatments have literally improved the self esteem of many. You see, there are women who are happy the way they look, and that’s totally fine, if it doesn’t make you feel low, and you are confident enough to be take the world with a stride. But not all women are like that. There are many who like perfection, who feel amazingly confident when then see there facial flaws are well taken care by experts, and they make sure to take extra efforts to look beautiful, naturally or with treatments. I personally feel that we owe something to ourselves, and therefore it’s ok to take those extra efforts and go for treatments that can hep you look flawlessly beautiful,” sums Dr. Soin.

Beauty Regime of Your Expert

Well, rarely we ask our beauty experts what beauty regime do they follow, which can a motivational source for many. We asked Dr. Soin about her beauty mantra, and look what she has to share, ” I do the basic moisturizing daily, and step out after applying my sunscreen. Apart from that, I take my vitamin C serum capsules daily, and go for exilis elite, or thermage once a year.”

Beauty is very personal, but the care that it deserves is nothing personal but a must. Whether you like or dislike the clinical way of beauty enhancement, what you must not ignore is that you are going to live with the skin and beauty for your whole life, and therefore let’s just pamper it the right way!!

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