Skin Care Tips


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Start your journey to look gorgeous for the coming season from now instead of waiting for last minute rush.

As we age turnover of skin cells take longer time so it’s better to start with time in hand. At AAYNA we offer US FDA approved treatments like hydra facial, laser genesis, medlite treatments along with topical creams and serums to give you long lasting radiant skin.

Hydra facial helps to exfoliate your skin and bathes it with antioxidants and collagen rich serums. It evens out skin texture and also helps in better penetration of any laser treatment taken after this.

Laser genesis is an excellent skin rejuvenating treatment. It takes three months time to take your skin to next level. It stimulates new collagen and also leads to remodelling of existing one giving radiant flawless skin with no open pores, lines or wrinkles.

Medlite laser takes care of brown coloured photo ageing spots and gives an even tone to face. It delivers energy in nanoseconds which disperse melanin (Pigment which provides colour to skin) from melanocytes eventually giving spotless skin.

Above treatments along with vitamin c serums and hyaluronic acid mask keeps skin cells hydrated and plump to decrease further fine lines and wrinkles.

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