Once in your 30’s, one thing that you wish stops right here is the way your face looks. Who wants those wrinkle lines and blemishes and dark patches anyways! Be it men or women, there is no one today who does not take an extra step to make certain that their facial skin looks better with each passing day. While home remedies may work temporarily, for a long term solution – dermal fillers are the answer. Also known as wrinkle fillers, these injectable fillers not only diminish the facial lines, but are also effective in restoring the volume and fullness in the face.

As we age we lose the fat deposits on our face (ones that grant our face a fuller look) and give way to crow’s feet and smile lines. The skin also stretches a bit, adding to the loss of facial volume. Along with, genetic predisposition, medications, sudden weight loss, extreme climatic conditions, stress, pollution, etc., make sure that whatever sheen is left on the face slowly fades away. At a point like this, though using advanced creams and taking hi-tech facials may help you a bit, they do not bring back what you have lost. Therefore, you must consult a  because these dermal/wrinkle fillers can help:

  • Plump thin lips and redefine lip border
  • Reconstruct, enhance and soften shallow contours, facial creases and Best Topical Wrinkle Filler
  • Decrease the appearance of recessed scars and the shadow of the lower lids
  • Reduce scars from acne, burns and wound
  • Reconstruct cheek depressions
  • Soften crow’s feet, deep smile lines, frown lines, marionette lines, smoker lines, worry lines, etc.

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Type of Dermal / Wrinkle Fillers you must know about

Autologous wrinkle fillers make use of the patient’s fat which is surgically removed from the thighs, buttocks, or stomach. Another form of autologous fillers are platelet-rich plasma injections wherein blood is drawn from the arm, processed, and then injected.

Collagen albeit provides the most natural look compared to the rest, but the results do not last as long as other wrinkle fillers.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance found in high concentrations in the soft connective tissues around the eyes. There are many types of hyaluronic acid wrinkle fillers available that are a stabilized form of the acid, which can be applied through injections. This can help reduce a number of lines and wrinkles.

Polyalkylimide is a biocompatible and radio transparent substance. It is mostly used as a semi-permanent dermal filler to treat deeper wrinkles, enhancing cheekbones, treating facial wasting from medications, etc.

Polylactic acid is a synthetic stimulator in the form of a dermal filler that when injected into the face causes the body to produce collagen. Which is why the results take time to surface. This is a non-toxic biodegradable substance that works particularly well in the lower half of the face and treats fine lines caused by laughing, deep nasolabial folds, etc.

Polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres are ideal to get rid of folds and furrows, pitted scars, augment thin lips, and to treat medium to deep wrinkles. This wrinkle filler is preferred over the rest when the patient is looking for a more permanent solution to facial wrinkles. As this filler requires a number of injections is it all the more necessary to look for a skin specialist that is well-versed with the procedure and all related techniques.

Synthetic wrinkle fillers have nothing that is naturally found in the skin. They have long lasting results, but this also means that they have more side effects than the rest. If not used in the right way, they may also cause Dermal Fillers Cost

When it is time to choose a skin specialist for such a procedure make certain that they have enough knowledge and experience on the subject and are able to answer all your queries. Dermal fillers have a set of temporary side effects associated with them, which can be easily avoided if your doctor shares the right information with you before the procedure, and takes the care post procedure to keep you hale and hearty. They should be capable of dealing with any complication that may occur without causing you further harm. Few dermal fillers risks you must know about are:

Skin eruptions that look like acne

Asymmetry on the face

Bruising, swelling and bleeding at the injected site

Wound, possible scarring, or infection at the injected site


Redness, rashes or itching at the injected site

Under or over correction of wrinkles

Skin Necrosis

Facelifts are a tad too expensive and are in most cases, not required. Wrinkle fillers on the other hand cost only a fraction, are equally effective and give you the desired look without much hassle. An experienced skin specialist in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad or any other medically advanced city in India can add volume to your face in just a session or two. Before you take up the procedure, address all your queries to avoid even the slightest complications.

Dermal fillers differ from each other and have their own chemical makeup, degrees of softness and longevity. The choice depends on your problem area, the skin type and the volume of filler required.

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