Hairfall, dry and dull hair is becoming one of the most common problems in all age groups and one main cause for this problem is the food we eat. It’s true that you become what you eat and so if you want healthy shiny hair, you should focus more on balanced and healthy diet. We tend to spend a lot on expensive medicines and creams for hair fall but often neglect Nutrition. There is no substitute for healthy food and let us learn what all foods we should include in our daily diet.

  1. Milk and milk products like cheese and yogurt are rich in calcium and proteins which helps in strengthening hair strands
  2. Fish and eggs contains vitamin B-12 , omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, selenium and magnesium. All these nutrients promote hair growth and prevent dry scalp.
  3. Nuts are powerhouse of nutrients like Vit E, omega 3 fats, zinc which help in making hair healthy. A zinc deficiency can lead to hair shedding, so include nuts like walnuts  , almonds & flaxseeds in your diet . One should include 5-7 almonds, 1-2 walnuts and one fig every day.
  4. Include whole grain cereals and proteins like paneer, soya , black gram & pulses in your diet . Legumes like kidney beans and lentil are an important part of your hair-care diet, they not only provide protein but also provide iron (carry oxygen to the hair), zinc (necessary for building hair protein and in preventing hair loss), biotin (important for good blood circulation, strong supple strands.
  5. Brown rice, legumes, lentils, eggs, nuts are good sources of Biotin. Its deficiency can lead to brittle hair. This vitamin will help you have thick hair so one should include these foods in daily’s diet.
  6. Massage your hair with the oil like Almond oil, Brahmi oil, neelibhringadi tailum. This will prevent the hair loss and dry and flaky skin.
  7. Juice made from lettuce and spinach leaves mixed with carrot juice is helpful in treating hair fall