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Forest Essential Facials

Committed to excellence Forest essential facials comprise of natural products based on age old Ayurvedic formulations that were developed by trained Ayurvedic physicians. All ingredients are sourced from plants and are nutritive and purifying in nature. The Facials are full of the purity and goodness of nature and very pleasing to the senses.



Dermalogica facials are prescriptive facials that are customized to suit the needs and address every individual’s specific skin concerns. The results are unmatched due the premium quality of the products used. Experts in skin care formulate the products and the skin practitioners are extensively trained to identify skin concerns meticulously using a innovative Dermalogica patented FACE MAPPING TECHNIQUE. The face is mapped into zones and each zone is treated individually. Thus the facial is customized each time for even the same person on successive visits. They are actually serious treatments focussed on results.
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Stem cell facial

Taking forward the legacy of combining science with nature, the stem cell facial is one of the most premium luxury facials using products from Stem Cell Beauty Innovations- products that contain stem cells sourced from Sheep placenta.
Stem cells can work their magic to rejuvenate and repair every type of cell or tissue found in the body and the products are absorbed into the skin leading to increased hydration and elasticity.
The collagen quality is vastly improved and this is one facial, if taken at regular intervals can actually reverse the signs of ageing. Stem cells are not only great at treating the ageing signs of fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and dehydration but have also shown vast improvement in acne, reddened skin and open pores.

Pumpkin peel facial

Pumpkin peel is an aesthetic treatment in the garb of a facial and is a great way to rejuvenate oily to normal skin using the goodness of natural exfoliants found in pumpkin extracts. Pumpkin is a rich source of vitamin A and salicylic acid, both of which help in removing dead skin and promoting cell renewal. The facial consists of using different layers of various active enzymes which peel off the outer layers, imparting a smoother and clearer tone. Green tea extracts help to calm and soothe skin and a film of activated cellular matrix stimulates and boosts collagen activity , hydrating the skin’s deeper layers.

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