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Forest Essential Facials

Committed to excellence Forest essential facials comprise of natural products based on age old Ayurvedic formulations that were developed by trained Ayurvedic physicians. All ingredients are sourced from plants and are nutritive and purifying in nature. The Facials are full of the purity and goodness of nature and very pleasing to the senses.


Treat your skin to a smoother texture, minimized wrinkles, and a brightened complexion with the unsurpassed formula .This is a perfect treatment to lighten hyperpigmentation and reduce blemishes. Ideal for all skin types except sensitive.
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Lightening Facials:

Naturally derived, this mild but effective milk acid peel exfoliates gently, while intensely hydrating the complexion.
This brightening facial gently yet instantly delivers a smoother, more radiant and even skin in minutes. Skin will be hydrated and luminous. This facial is recommended for all skin types except sensitive.

Anti Ageing Facial:

Elastin is recognized as the best skin strengthening protein. This is an excellent facial for those seeking tighter, more youthful looking skin. Recommended for any skin type with loss of elasticity.

Eye Facial:

Counteract puffiness and dark circles with an immediate visible results around the eyes. This natural fiber mask cools, soothes, and decongests the fragile eye contour. Formulated with a select collection of the latest high-tech cosmetic ingredients with the most advanced manufacturing and delivery systems.

Pumpkin peel facial

Pumpkin peel is an aesthetic treatment in the garb of a facial and is a great way to rejuvenate oily to normal skin using the goodness of natural exfoliants found in pumpkin extracts. Pumpkin is a rich source of vitamin A and salicylic acid, both of which help in removing dead skin and promoting cell renewal. The facial consists of using different layers of various active enzymes which peel off the outer layers, imparting a smoother and clearer tone. Green tea extracts help to calm and soothe skin and a film of activated cellular matrix stimulates and boosts collagen activity , hydrating the skin’s deeper layers.

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