• Unique Features

  • We have a team of highly experienced, trained Doctors and Nutritionists who will take you through the following process

  • Root Cause Analysis

    In the first step your nutritionist will take your detailed medical and nutritional profiling and analyze the possible reasons for weight gain and do the detailed research of the medical issues before making your plan.

  • Customised Nutritional Program

    Based on your food preferences and your lifestyle history our Nutritionist will design a customized diet program for you. Diet pattern will get change after every two days based on your progress and variety of foods will be included.

  • Customised Treatments

    Our doctor will do your complete body fat accumulation analysis and based on it will recommend the suitable treatments and number of sessions required for you.

  • Constant Monitoring

    Of your food intake and hydration levels will be done by our nutritionist to give you the best results.

Follow Ups

Our Strong follow ups and counseling will be there to keep you going. Our experts take you through the following 4 step process to help you lose those extra kilos and keep them off.

  • 1


    • Your detailed medical and nutritional profiling will be taken.
    • Complete blood check- ups will be done.
    • All investigations will be done by our expert team.
  • 2

    Expedite Phase

    • Based on your medical tests our experts will plan a customized diet plan for you which will speed up your weight loss.
    • The program will be based on your lifestyle and eating preferences.
    • Nutritionists will regularly monitor your program.
    • Full online support will be there for you.
  • 3

    Boost Phase

    • This is a maintenance phase for long term sustainable weight management.
    • Lifestyle changes will be made,
    • leading to improvement in quality of life with better and healthy lifestyle.
  • 4

    Support Phase

    • This will be on-going support program.
    • Our team will help you in sustaining the recommended lifestyle changes.
    • Our support is both medical and psychological.


  • Weight Gainhardened layers of skin

    Want to gain weight? Join our customized diet program which focuses on slowly increasing your appetite and incorporating different foods group and specific herbs to achieve your weight gain target. Before making a customized nutritional program for you our experts will take detailed medical profile to rule out any medical issues leading to low weight.

  • 1


    • Your food preferences will be taken into consideration before our Nutritionist makes a dietary plan for you.
  • 2


    • Diets are planned keeping in mind medical issues, if any.
  • 3


    • Our diets and meal timings are designed based on your lifestyle, i.e your work timings and days schedule.
  • 4


    • Fasting and eating out will be well adjusted in your diet schedule by our experts.
  • 5


    • When travelling our Nutritionist will give you healthy eating out options.

Body contouring

The term body contouring means transforming the shape of different body areas using invasive or non invasive treatments. We offer highly advanced non invasive USA FDA approved treatments for body contouring which help you

How our treatments are different from other?

• All our treatments are US FDA approved.

• Our treatments are Safe, extremely comfortable with no downtime.

• Assured results in just few sittings.

• Treatments are done by trained aestheticians under supervision of highly experienced Doctors and nutritionist.

• Long lasting sustainable results.


Special Weight loss programs

We also have targeted weight loss programs for various medical conditions and age groups.

  • Children and Teens

    Nutrition is very important for children and teens as they are in the growing phase of life hence their diet needs to be nutritionally well balanced and should be planned carefully.

  • PCOD and Hormonal Imbalance

    Hormonal imbalances lead to sudden weight gain and many other symptomatic problems like: water retention, bloating feeling, acidity etc. Dietary modifications have to be done very scientifically based on hormonal levels.

  • Special Celebrity Programs

    Looking at their hectic schedule we have special programs for celebrities wherein we offer them appointments before or after clinic timings, they don’t have to wait for their appointments and for every client we maintain confidentiality.

  • Above 60

    Diets for the elderly need to be planned in different manner. Usually with increasing age there are some medical issues associated and because of that their food preferences are little different.

  • Weight Gain related to



    Thyroid Disorders

    High Cholesterol / Lipids